VALORANT Episode 5 Act 2 End and Act 3 Begin Date?

VALORANT episode 5 act 2 was released on August 23 along with the 5.04 patch. So far valorant has released 5 episodes each with three Acts. The Val Ep 5 Act 2 introduced a new Battlepass, crosshair customization, and improvements to Pearl, Fracture, and the Stinger.

Soon Valorant episode 5 Act 2 is going to end and Roit developers have plans to release the third and final Act 3 soon.

When does VALORANT Episode Five, Act Two ends?

Although Riot developers haven’t made any clear statement as to when the valorant episode 5 Act 2 will end. However, we can assume the end date of Episode 5 Act 2 on October 17, 2022. From that date, Battlepass rewards will not be available.

What is the Valorant episode 5 Act 3 Release Date?

On the 18th of October, Act Two will end, and Act Three will officially begin.

What’s New in VALORANT Episode Five, Act Three?

In the third and final Act, Riot Team is going to release a new agent Harbor a motorcyclist. Varun is the 21st agent to be added in Valorant who can manipulate water walls and shields.

Valorant Episode 5 Act 3 Battlepass Leaks?

Act Three will also include a new act battle pass. Act Three is set to begin the day Act Two ends.

What Happens When Valorant Season Ends?

Once an Episode ends, you’ll earn a gun buddy that represents the highest Act Rank you received during that Episode.

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