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How To Fix Valorant Error Code 7 on PC – Successfully Log in Again

How To Fix Valorant Error Code 7 on PC

“There was an error connecting to the platform valorant. Please restart your game client.” Many Valorant players are noticing an error named “Error Code 7” when they try to log in and play the game. Valorant error code 7 means that Riot’s servers are down and because of this problem, players are unable to connect with Valorant’s server services. Sometimes this error occurs when any suspicious activity is noticed during the game.

In most cases, it is a local connectivity issue and it is also caused by a weak internet connection which you can fix by reconnecting simply. If you are connected through Wi-Fi, then restart your router. Otherwise, using an ethernet cable is a solution for a stable internet connection. Restarting the game can also eliminate this error because it will remove the temporary error as a result of software malfunction.

If reconnecting did not work and you want some effective ways to get rid of this error then this article is for you, we are going to mention some ways to fix error code 7 in Valorant.

in Windows 11, 10 and 7

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Solutions To fix Valorant Error Code 7 on Windows PC

Update your Windows

Valorant error code 7 can also occur due to outdated drivers and software on your system that prevents several applications to run. Your outdated Window is not able to provide support to the new connectivity parameter of your internet. Thus, you can fix the Valorant error code 7 by just updating your Windows OS.

To Update Windows 10 Follow these steps:

To update Windows 11 follow these steps:

Close Background Apps

If your system has unnecessary programs running using too much internet, it can cause the error code 7. To close them follow the instructions:

Performing a Clean Boot to Initialize Valorant Again to fix Error code 7 Valorant

Most of the time some applications are conflicting with each other and initiate the Valorant Error Code 7. Clean boot will help in eliminating such unnecessary applications running on the backend. Follow the instructions to perform a Clean Boot for solving the error 7:

Update Wi-Fi Drivers

To fix the Valorant Error Code 7 you need to update the Wi-Fi drivers that will help you to play Valorant without any disruption. You can update your drivers by following these instructions:

Update Graphics Card Driver

The outdated graphics card driver is causing the Valorant Error Code 7. For updating the graphics card driver follow the instructions.

Now that the graphic driver is updated, check if the issue is resolved, if not then move to the next method to solve the issue.

Alternative Method to Update Graphics Driver

Most of the time error code 7 in valorant game appears when you have an outdated graphics driver installed on your PC. Make sure you have updated your GPU drivers to their latest version.

Although, NVIDIA and AMD release game-specific updates that you can download and install on your PC but it takes time.

Also updating the graphics card drivers is a time-consuming task, and if you are a newbie you can end up installing the wrong drivers.

So we recommend downloading Driver Easy software on your PC. This program is a professional system driver updater that automatically scans a PC’s old driver and updates them instantly.

The Driver Easy is an N0.1 software updater tool in its field and for 12 years users are using it to fix their PC errors.

So download Driver Easy and let it deal with all the system drivers.

Checking for a Server Issue

If you doubt that a server issue might be causing error code 7in Val, then visit their official website to check the server status.

Restart the Riot Client

A reliable solution for many players who deal with error codes while playing valorant is to restart the Riot client.

Uninstall and reinstall Riot Vanguard

If above mention method did not help to solve error code 7, then try this one

Change Startup Type of VGS Service

To change the startup type of the VGS service you can follow the instructions below for fixing the Valorant Error Code 7.

Hopefully, you will be able to run Valorant without error code 7 occurring again.

Contact Riot Support

If these methods did not help you out, then the next thing you should check out is a potential issue with your Valorant account. Maybe your previous in-game behavior had triggered someone to report your account, you can check the email associated with your account. You can also visit their support page for professional help.

What is Error 7 in Valorant?

We are aware of issues with social panel and logins for some players,” the message accompanying the error reads. “We are working on a fix. There was an error connecting to the platform, please restart your game client.”

This error comes down to a problem with players being unable to connect to Valorant’s server services. This could mean that Riot’s servers are down, though in many cases, it’s also an issue local to your connectivity. The massive initial load of 100,000 players is likely putting more strain on the servers than was expected by Riot Games.

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