Valorant: How to Play New Agent Harbor, All Abilities, and Ultimate

Use Varun Batra's abilities efficiently to take control of both the map and opponents.

The new Valorant Agent Harbor has been part of the hype wagon for a few months. Now, with the recent Valorant update on Oct 18, Harbor is official and available for play in the new Valorant Episode 5 Act 3.

Valorant being competitive from day one has the habit of fixing and balancing their old and new agents constantly. Harbor is the first Indian agent to the world of Valorant with his funky Hindi voice lines. Their real name before he joined team Valorant for Harbor was Varun Batra. Harbor has abilities based on water ranging from walls to smoke.

Here is a detailed guide on how to Play Harbor and use his abilities to your advantage.

How to Play New Agent Harbor With Abilities

Harbor Abilities Explained

Harbor is a controller and the newest addition to the Valorant roaster. Being a Controller the core strength of Harbor’s abilities is to get you to control the site by using the abilities to provide cover for your teammates.
Here are all the abilities Harbor has to offer in his water-style controller build.

  • High Tide
  • Cove
  • Cascade
  • Reckoning

Harbor High Tide Ability (E)

Harbor’s high tide ability can be equipped by pressing E and you can press Left Click to make a high wall of water that can be built in your desired direction. Accordingly when you want to create an opening for your team to make them enter.

It’s like a viper wall where it can go through other walls and objects as well. The best thing about Harbor’s high tide ability is that it can be curved multiple times which can make unique opportunities for your team to hold corners.

Harbor High Tide Ability (E)

Harbor’s High tide costs Free and it is recharged after 40 seconds. High Tide can also be stopped and made to a certain point if you press Right click while making the wall

Harbor Cove Ability (Q)

Harbor’s next ability is Cove which can be equipped by pressing Q and it can be thrown accordingly to the scenario, whether it’s a planting scenario or you’re trying to defend a teammate or using it as smoke.

The cove is first of its kind addition to valorant it’s a smoked shield that can save you from bullets. It can also stop abilities like Jett’s knives and Chamber’s abilities weapons.

Being a controller helps a lot in planting scenarios where in normal smokes your team will have fear of dying but with Harbor’s Cove, they can easily plant without thinking about dying from bullets.

Harbor Cove Ability (Q)
Harbor’s Cove ability costs 350 creds

Harbor’s Cove ability costs 350 creds and can only be used one time. The smoke shield can be destroyed by shooting it down and enemies can enter the smoke shield as well.

Harbor Cascade Ability (C)

The next ability is called Cascade which can be equipped by pressing C and used by pressing Left Click. Cascade makes a tall water wave that can be thrown in the direction where you’re facing.

It can pass throw walls and other objects. When Cascade hits the enemies, they will slow down for 2 seconds.

If you want to stop Cascade at a certain point, you can again press C when it’s used to stop it at the point to help you and your team to hold angles and move accordingly to the site or while defending to slow down your enemies.

Harbor Cascade Ability (C)
Harbor’s Cascade Costs 150 creds and can only be using a single time.

Note: All abilities and bullets can pass throw Cascade like a viper wall and it’s a temporary wall if you stop it at a point, it stays up for 10 seconds.

Harbor Ultimate – Reckoning (X)

Harbor’s Ultimate is very unique and also based on the Water element. Harbor’s Ultimate is a circular area with water that moves slowly ahead and it stuns all the players and shows the location of enemies with a golden circle.

The stun from the ultimate is heavy on the enemy players which gives a lot of mobility to Harbor and its team to move and easily eliminate the enemies as their position is also compromised with the Harbor’s Ultimate.

Harbor Ultimate – Reckoning (X)
Harbor’s Ultimate cost 7 Ult Points.

Note: The Harbor’s Ultimate lasts for about 15 seconds, The enemies will be stunned by the golden circle if they stay in Harbor’s Ultimate but they can dodge it if they run away from the radius of the Harbor’s Ultimate. But if they remain in his Ultimate they will be stunned by strikes.

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