VALORANT Rank Distribution: Order and Ranking System Explained

Stuck in Silver? Don't worry here's the complete rank distribution and players percentage.

VALORANT is an Online Multiplayer FPS game in which players can test their skills with different agents. Players can place themselves on the rank that they deserve by proving their skills in the game.

The competitive mode of VALORANT will allow players to show their Skill Level and the game will place the players in the deserving rank with the shown skills.

In this article, you will know how the ranking system in valorant works.

VALORANT Rank Distribution

Competitive Mode is quite big in VALORANT and most of the players that are coming back to the game daily are for grinding in the Competitive with other players.

Competitive Mode allows players to show their skills in the game with the agent that they are more comfortable with. After completing certain matches, the game will put you in the rank with your matching skill level.

Latest VALORANT Rank Distribution

Rank distribution is very important in competitive games and VALORANT also has a rank distribution. The game studio has shared the information of a lot of players being stuck in the lower ranks and very few percentages of players are in the high ranks.

VALORANT rank distribution of September 2022 is the following.

  • Iron – 6.3%
  • Bronze – 17.5%
  • Silver – 22.9%
  • Gold – 21.1%
  • Platinum – 16.2%
  • Diamond – 10.1%
  • Ascendant – 4.3%
  • Immortal – 0.9%
  • Radiant – 0.03%

Valorant Ranking System Explained

There are 9 different Ranks in VALORANT and 8 of them are subdivided into three ranks 1,2, and 3. The last rank of VALORANT is the top 500 and you’ll have to climb the leaderboards to reach the top in that rank. For the other Ranks, you’ll have to climb the ladder of 1,2, and 3 ranks and then you’ll be promoted to the next rank.

For example, if you place in Gold Rank, you’ll be placed in Gold 1 rank or Gold 2 rank, or Gold 3 rank. Each rank has its own skill level and the players that are in these ranks have the same skill level as they increase their skill level and game sense, the ranking system promotes them to the next rank.

There are also several conditions to play the Competitive Mode in VALORANT. It is because the experience of the players in the Competitive Mode remains the same. If a new player comes into the Competitive match and he/she doesn’t play according to the skill level then it will ruin the experience for other players of the team.

Order and Ranking System Explained

So, it is necessary for the player to be Level 20 before he/she can play in the Competitive match. It will teach them all the basics and the movement of the game and they’ll be ready to play in the Competitive Match.

The rank of the players will be shown to them after completing 5 Competitive matches. It doesn’t matter if the player wins all 5 matches or losses all 5 matches, he/she has to play all the matches and show their skill level and aim in the game. After the matches, the game will put them in the rank with the matched skill level of their performance.

How Do the RR Points Work in Valorant Ranking System?

To rank up to the next level of a rank or a new rank will require you to get 100 RR (Rank Rating) Points. Players will get the RR Points after winning the match according to their performance but RR Points will also be deducted if the players lose the match according to their performance.

Players will have to climb all the sub-ranks of their ranks to get to the next rank and each sub-rank will require 100 RR Points. If you lose the match and your RR Points of that rank go below zero then you’ll be Demoted to the previous sub-rank or previous rank.


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