Victoria 3 – How does income and Wealth Works

Victoria 3 has a very in-depth system for a nation’s income and wealth. This is directly related to the economy of the country. You will need to have a high economy to progress you country.

If you have a high economy, you will be able to have good wealth and income. You can give wealth to your population to progress your country.

How does Income works

Income is directly related to the economy which is further related to the population of the country. You will have to know about different types of population. Every sub-type of pops are in their main category. They have different culture, faith, locations.

budgeting for income

Different types of Pops will have different types of employments. They will have different quality of life, amount of wealth and income will vary according to their status.

Use Workforce to generate Income

There is a mechanic called Workforce, which is used to enable the pop that can work on different jobs. The people in the Workforce are the workers. Next, we have dependents, this group doesn’t have a job. They are basically families and aren’t unable to join Workforce.

pop groups

Dependents can still generate small income comparing to workforce. This also depends upon the category of the pops.

How to lend money from Pops

If you as a government has used all of its resources. You can lend money from the people which will generate income to the people. As you will pay interest on the money you’ve taken loans from the pops. These conditions can be applied when your country has run out of all the gold reserves.

Employing Buildings to generate Income

Different types of pops can work in the same building. You can construct and do the settings for buildings to employ pops according to your rules. This way you will have more control over your Pops.

farming in employing buildings

This can help you in determine how much income will they make and how the wealth is divided with in the different types of Workforce.

Also, Military and government employees will have their own income according to their type. You can do this by going to the budget tab. For the private pops and buildings, their employing will decide their income according to their rank in the building.

Set Dividends and Subsidies to maintain income

Just like in real role of the government, you will have to take care of all the buildings in Victoria 3. You will have to take care of the Profitable businesses by giving them dividends for positive weekly production.

Both Employees and the owner of buildings will receives income wages according to their pop type and business profitability. The higher the production in a building will have higher income for it’s workforce and for the Owners.

On the other hand for struggling businesses, you as a government will have to give subsidies in order to maintain the wages of the pops that are working in that building. You’ve to maintain this to keep your population happy.

Impact of Income in Victoria 3

Your pops can make income by working in to arable lands which will give them another form of income. Peasants working in the farms can sell their goods by doing farming and earn income accordingly.

different pop groups

The impact of income your pops will determine their social, political, economic statuses. Also, this increases the quality of life of different pops and their expenses. You can put taxes on such pops according to their status. You will have to make your own polices and Laws to insure a good working system in your country.

One state in your country can tax a max of 10,000 people in the state. Having a government administration building in such state will increase the taxation capacity.

How does Wealth work

Wealth is linked with income of the country. It depends upon the status of the highest tier of pop when they have more wealth. When they have more wealth than their expenses they are profitable. Such pops are upgrading to next wealth level.

On the other hand, if the income of certain type of pops is lower than their expenses. There is a deficit in their net income. They will be downgrading to the lower wealth level.

What is Wealth Levels

Wealth levels define the quality and standard of living for different groups of your pops. Every pop group will have a wealth threshold they will go into upset and unrest if their wealth level is lower than that.

wealth level for different pops

Also, if such pop groups are politically influenced they will go towards radicalization and revolution which is against the government which is you. So, as the administration of your country, you have to take care of their Wealth levels from higher to lower.

If you have maintained the Wealth levels this will increase the quality standard for the pop groups. You will also, have immigrations from such pop groups into your country.

As wealth levels are linked with the education of such pop groups. The higher the literacy rate will be your country will have better research and pop groups will have higher literacy rates. Wealth and Wealth levels directly influence the political status and level of governance. If you have a higher literacy government, you can add more advanced policies to your country.

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