Victoria 3 – How does Trade and Markets works

Victoria 3 is the new simulation game with a simulation of 100 years starting from 1836. You can choose any nation and build it according to your laws, policies, and economic and diplomatic decisions. You can do different warfare and take other players’ nations.

Victoria 3 is very detailed in terms of mechanics with very in-detailed mechanics related to policies you can make and how your economic strategies work in the game.

In this guide, we will cover how does trading and marketing work in the game.

How to do Trading in Victoria

Trading is related to the economic condition of your nation. You will be learning to trade with different nations and study the market prices to increase your economy. Trading requires Trade Routes that are used to import or export.

You can import goods into your country if your market is not making enough of that good. And if you have any good that you have in access amount you can export that to other countries.

trade arrangement with Great Britain

You can check the Trade Tab and it will give you all the details about trades. You can check on what goods you are deficient on and the total no. of shortages according to your population. Vice Versa, you can check the trade tab and check the goods your country overproduces and you can export them to other countries and make your profits on the market.

Use Bureaucracy to maintain Trade Routes

You will have to use Bureaucracy in your country in order to maintain and use the trade routes. Trade Routes are not free and if the country you’re trading with doesn’t have any land routes and connections. You will have to use the sea and convoys to do trading.

Also, your country shouldn’t import basic goods from the countries that you can go to war against. You shouldn’t import your country’s basic food and weapons from such countries.

Trade Routes Leveling

Trades Routes take some time to establish and at first, the Trade Routes start with a level 1. Level 1 is quite slow and can move a little amount of good. Trade Route leveling works as you increase your profits on the routes and if you are in loss your trade level will start to decrease.

What are Trade Centers in Trading

When you start trading either import or export certain goods, there will be Trade centers established to maintain the network. Trade centers are created and managed automatically the number of Trade Center buildings will increase depending on your history. If you have profitable trades they will increase and will decrease and be destroyed otherwise.

How do Tariffs work on the Trade Routes?

Tariffs are the tax you will put on your population. You will be making a profit using trade routes via tariffs. They apply whether you’re importing or exporting goods. Tariffs will help maintain the system of trading continue and you will have more money to use in the trading.

You will have to create different trade routes depending upon your country and the areas in your country. Every state will have its Market access which is a 100% in the start and is in good condition. You will need building and infrastructure to maintain it. It will decrease if your supply of goods has increased. You will have a negative impact this way on your economy.

How to maintain Market Access

You can make Ports to Maintain Market Access in the Coastal areas. While, in the land-connected areas, you can make railroad systems to increase market access. You will have to play very smartly in order to maintain a healthy economy in your country. After, you’ve done creating a good Trading network you can use tariffs and start taxing your population. You can make good profits for your country and tax other countries to make good profits for your country.

How do Markets work

Markets in Victoria 3 work pretty similarly to our stock markets. If your country has lost its money you can speculate it in the game. The market prices are related to economic decisions and it works the same way. In Victoria 3 you will have to make good economic decisions and have good relations with the market to sustain.

Market for Grain

Every good your country produces has a market. It depends upon the certain good’s supply and demand rule. Every country and market within it has its own supply and demand according to the goods.

How to have a multinational Marketing

Although every country has its own market if you have good relations and create free custom unions. You can have a multination Market where you can control your goods in international Markets.

As the United Kingdom has its colonies all over the world in the early 1800s and in the game, the United Kingdom also has different colonies. These colonies can be used to trade without any fees.

They are really benefiting in terms of trading as well. You can create Multinational Markets through these colonies.

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