Victoria 3 – How does Warfare and Buildings work

Warfare in Victoria 3 might be very simple when we compare it to some other previous paradox titles. However, that still begs the question of how we win our war. Every single war starts with a diplomatic play.

Warfare depends on many things which include your stats, army, buildings, and generals.  You need to prepare before going to war with other countries. You need to build your army and assign a general to the army.

How Buildings Works

In Victoria 3, professional standing armies are built through barracks buildings. Every country will start the game with some of them but you can build more of these buildings. Every barrack building will give you a battalion of 1000 servicemen and officers if there are 1000 pops available in the state. Naval bases are naval counterparts to the barracks. Each naval base gives you a flotilla to use in your war.

Conscription Centers to help in Diplomatic War

Conscription centers are a way to raise temporary servicemen and officers when you’re in a diplomatic play or war. Conscription centers exist in every state and depending on your army model law, conscription centers allow you to pull a certain percentage of your pops out of their professions and into your army. But conscripting pops will prevent those pops from contributing to your economy and put them at risk of becoming a casualty. When you activate conscripts, you can choose which state to pull conscripts from, so it’s generally a better idea to pull conscripts into the army from your least productive states.

Like all other buildings in Victoria 3, the naval bases, barracks, and conscription centers have production methods that you can change throughout the game. With new technologies, you can push new production methods into your military buildings to upgrade their stats. These new production methods will be more expensive than the last, however, so be sure your economy can afford them.

General Selection in Warfare

Units that are first built without a general or admiral to command them will be sent into a reserve. To field them in your wars, assign a general or admiral in a strategic region that has reserve units available and pick one of the two characters to recruit. Make sure to check their character traits to select the best option for your needs.

Command Limit in Warfare

Generals and admirals have a command limit which is a certain number of units they can field from army or navy reserves in a strategic region. If you have more than the max number of reserves than a general or admiral’s command limit, either recruit another character or promote one of your existing generals or admirals to a higher rank.

After you have done all the things to ready for the war. You are set to go to war.

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