Victoria 3 – How to construct Buildings and Infrastructure

Buildings and Infrastructure is a very important parts of any society concerned directly with progression. In Victoria 3, in order to increase the economic production of your country. You will have to create new infrastructure and construct new buildings in the country.

You need buildings to store goods and for products which will in terms increase the economic condition of the Country.

How to Make Buildings in Victoria 3

Buildings are like production areas that are used by the population of the country. The workers use the input goods and turn them into the output goods. From small goods like mining coal out of the ground to building a warplane, you will need a building to store them. Even for raising livestock, you will need buildings to maintain the goods.

Buildings tab

The goods are not consumed instantly, most of the goods will be upgraded and use to create more advanced goods. This creates a supply chain. With the help of proper buildings and infrastructure, the goods will be more quality and better economically for the country.

What are the Building’s Leveling

Buildings in Victoria 3 have levels and they determine how much goods they can produce and how many employees can work in it. The higher the level of the building it will, it will be able to produce resources and more population will be employed.

Buildings with higher levels are more productive in terms of economic value. Such as a building on level 2 will be more productive in terms of the economy than two buildings on level 1.

Productivity for buildings

There are two ways to upgrade the size of buildings. You can do it manually by going into the buildings menu and clicking on the building. You can set them to automatically upgrade. The buildings will upgrade automatically when they become profitable.

Different types of Buildings

There are a total of 4 types of buildings in Victoria 3, you can check them by going to the buildings Menu. Here are the following types of buildings.

  • Urban
  • Rural
  • Development
  • Construction

Construction Buildings

Urban buildings are the most advanced type of buildings and construction buildings are simple buildings. Construction buildings can be built at the start of the infrastructure and then can upgrade to urban buildings.

Construction buildings are important as they have construction sectors, which are used to build and expand into other buildings. You will have to strategize your building infrastructure and upgrade your buildings accordingly.

NOTE: You will need building materials cost in order to build the buildings. So, you have to be careful what to build according to the money you have for building.

Development Buildings

War and armies require development buildings. They include military buildings in them. They will train the army of your country and equip them with weapons and war resources.

Also, Ports and Railroads are part of the development buildings. Convoys are produced from the Ports and railroads are used to increase transportation for the country.

Rural Buildings

Rural buildings are used to give a basic structure to produce necessary goods. Rural buildings are used to produce food, coal, metals, and other crops. Rural Buildings can be constructed in areas that are resourceful. You can use such lands to produce more goods.

You can make farms and use rural buildings to refine and increase the quality of farming goods. It is a good practice to make Rural buildings for your population as they will build on their own if you won’t. So, it’s better if you help them in farming goods and having buildings will increase the amount of goods and quality of the production.

Urban Buildings

Urban Buildings are the advanced buildings for smart civilizations. They include factories and education like schools and Universities. Government Administration is also under the Urban Buildings. Government Administration is used to control taxation and trade. Bureaucracy is also considered under the government administration.

Urban Buildings have a special sector for constructing the buildings. It’s called the Urban Center. Urban buildings when you’ve reached 100 units of urbanization each, you will unlock a free Urban Center for the state.

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