Victoria 3 – How to do Naval Battles in Warfare

Starting a War with a country in Victoria 3 created borders, an army, strategies, land battles, and a selection of generals which plays an important role in the winning of your country but there is another thing which is Naval Warfare (Battles).

Naval Warfare plays a very important role in winning a battle in Victoria 3. Naval Warfare helps in land battles and finishes the troops of the army of the opposite country.

Naval Invasion (Battle)

Naval Invasion plays a very important role in winning a battle against your enemy and it also supports land warfare. Which also depends on the Admirals you have selected. The four factors that play very important in naval battles.

  • Naval Invasion
  • Patrol Coast
  • Escort Convoys
  • Raid Convoys
Admiral Orders

How Naval Invasion (Battle) Works:

Select the navy from Admirals and select the territory you want to attempt to Invade. You can own and select an army to send off with that naval invasion. You can only assign an army that is from the same theater as that Naval force you sent off and you can’t send an army that is currently involved in a battle because my navy is based. The naval invasion also depends on Admiral working on the battle.

Naval War

If an Admiral is currently in battle you have to wait for a number of days for the proper Invasion. Otherwise, you will be outnumbered by the enemies. Being outnumbered is a significant disadvantage. You can lose the battle and the invasion will be unsuccessful. Because you lose a naval battle you won’t get a chance to fight again.

Benefits and Losses

If you win the benefits will be yours and if you lose the benefits will be given to your opposite country or you can also end the battle by negotiating a peace deal.


If you win the battle the enemy territory where you are situated is yours and that place and ship will be yours and they will pay for the damages which can also be happened in the case of a Negotiation Peace Deal. Your country will also get rank high in the world ranking.

Supply Issue

It is important to know when we start looking at naval battles there that supplies can become a very large issue. If you are fighting on a front that is directly connected by land to your territory where the HQ of that Army is situated.

Generals Supply

You will be forced to use naval resupply. Naval resupply can be blockaded and if gets blockaded by the enemy what will happen is it will reduce your maximum moral down to a certain number. You can also lose your morale to zero which will in result an instant loss in the battle.

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