Victoria 3 – How to End Wars in-Game

In Victoria you start the war it can end both ways either if you got victory or lose the war. If you win consequences will be on your side and if you lose consequences will be on the enemy’s side. Or there is another way you can negotiate a peace deal with other countries to end the war.

Ways of Ending War

In Victoria 3 can be ended in a couple of ways. Each of them will get you what you have started with the countries according to the progress and conditions of the war. These are the following in which you can end the war in the game.

  • Negotiated Peace Deals
  • Capitulation

Negotiated Peace Deals

The first way to end the war is by negotiating Peace Deals with the opposite country. If war isn’t likely to end by total capitulation, countries that are the main war leaders on either side can send over a peace deal for the war goals being fought for. The War Support on both sides of the conflict is important to consider for what a country will accept in a peace deal. Even if the winning side has low war support, the losing side may not be willing to agree to give up as much in the peace deal.

Assuming you can construct a deal that works for all sides, you can end the conflict, demobilize your armies, and return all of your conscripted troops to home.


The second way to end the war is Capitulation. The mechanic behind measuring the progress of a war is War Support. Each country in war starts with 100 War Support but it’s reduced on either side by having their territory captured, losing pops to battle and attrition, internal turmoil, and having the enemy control their war goals. While technically a country can choose to capitulate at any time. When a country’s War Support reaches -100, a country is forced to capitulate.

A country capitulating doesn’t mean the war has ended. If there are war goals that haven’t been captured yet, the war can continue.

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