How To Fix Vizio TV Black Screen, No Video, & No Picture Issue

There has been an increasing issue with Vizio TV’s black screen, projecting no video and no sound. There can be multiple reasons causing this issue the major one is a failure in the power supply board however which can be fixed following simple guidelines.

Before this, it is important to figure out where the issue lies. Following the below steps to pinpoint the issue.

How To Fix Vizio TV Black Screen of Death

We have come up with some simple and effective methods which you can follow to resolve this issue.

Fix 1: Soft Reset your TV

Here’s how to reset the Vizio TV with a black screen

  • Press the menu button and choose System 
  • Go to the Reset & Admin and choose Soft Power Cycle.

Fix 2: Unmute Vizio TV Screen

In Vizio TV there is an option of muting the TV screen even if you are streaming an audio application. To inactivate this feature press and hold the Mute button on your remote for 3-5 seconds. 

Fix 3: Check your Cables

If the issue lies in an external component of the TV then you need to unplug all the cables and put them back on the correct ports to remove temporary glitches that might have occurred.

Also, keep your cables clean from dirt and dust. You can use compressed air and blow it on your HDMI cable and ports to remove the dust. Also, if there is some damage to your cables then replace them with new ones to resolve the black screen issue. 

Fix 4: Check the Picture Mode

A problem can lie in the picture mode from the settings in your Vizio TV that can cause no video no picture issue. For this, you have to configure the right picture mode to resolve the issue. Here is how you can do this. 

  • Press the Menu button on your remote and choose Picture. Some remotes have a Pic button, you can press it to change the picture mode. 
  • Click on Picture Mode and toggle between different picture modes.

Fix 5: Replace the Power Board

If the problem lies in the power board on any other component of the Vizio TV like the Inverter board or T-con board then you need to get the service from the company especially if your product warranty is still valid.

However, you can change it by yourself by getting the right modal of the board. Use a screwdriver to open all the screws, unplug all the cables and delicately put the new power board in the right place. 

Fix 6: Reset your Television to Factory Defaults.

For this, 

  • Press the menu button on your remote and choose System or in some models Help option.
  • Go to the Reset & Admin 
  • Select Reset to Factory Settings.