How To Fix Warhammer 40000 Darktide Low FPS Drops Stuttering, and Lag on PC

Fix lag and improve game performance.

In Warhammer 40000: Darktide FPS drop problem is getting worse with every update. From a little lag in (beta) to full release players now can’t even play this game smoothly.

More and more players on forums are complaining that their FPS has dropped to 25-30 even if they own a high-end gaming rig. Most users blame Fatshark for poor development while others are looking for solutions.

In this article, we have included fixes after thorough research that will help you mitigate the fPS drops problem while playing Warhammer 4000: Darktide.

Fixing Warhammer 40K Darktide Stuttering, Lag, and Low FPS

Below we have explained the best possible fixes to resolve framerate drop and stuttering issues.

Reduce Worker Threads to 2-3

You can find the Worker Thread option right below the Play button in the Launcher. You can use it to change screen mode, vertical sync, and other settings. However, you can also set the Worker Thread to 2-3 to fix stuttering and FPS drop issue.

Configure Graphics Settings

It doesn’t matter if you have a Ryzen 3700x 8-core CPU with an RTX 2070 this game has some built flaws. To run this game smoother with framerate fop you need to sacrifice your graphics.

  • Do not use Nvidia DLSS if you have it on
  • (Optional) You use AMD FX Supersampling 2.0 to boost performance
  • Turn down shadows to low
  • Reduce texture details and Anti-aliasing
  • Lower the resolution
  • Turn off advanced graphical features i.e. ambient occlusion and volumetric lighting

Change Nvidia Graphic Control Panel Settings

The Nvidia user can locate Darktide 40k in Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings to make these changes.

  • Monitor Tech: G-Sync (If available)
  • Maximum Pre-rendered frames: 2
  • Threaded optimization: On
  • Power Management: Prefer Maximum Performance
  • Texture Filtering: Quality: Performance
  • Low Latency Mode: Ultra (High or Ultra makes sense only for PvP Games)

Change AMD Graphic Control Panel Settings

  • Anti-Aliasing Mode: Use Application settings
  • Anti-aliasing Method: Multisampling
  • Morphological Filtering: Off
  • Anisotropic Filtering Mode: Use application settings
  • Texture Filtering Quality: Performance
  • Surface Format Optimization: On
  • Wait for V-sync: Off
  • OpenGL Triple Buffering: Off
  • Shader Cache: AMD optimized
  • Tesselation Mode: Override application settings
  • Maximum Tesselation Level: Off
  • GPU Workload: Graphics
  • Chill: Off
  • Frame Rate Target Control: Disabled

Update GPU Drivers

Most of the time AMD and Nvidia made game-ready drivers and if you haven’t installed them on your PC you will face Daktide FPs drops issues.

You need to make sure that you have updated graphics card drivers on your PC. You can use the Windows Device manager for this purpose. However, if you don’t have time or skill or there’s a chance that you might end up with the wrong driver. Then we recommend you download Driver Easy on your PC.

Driver Easy will automatically scan and install the latest more accurate drivers on your PC.

Close Unnecessary Background Programs

Users will have to face Warhammer 40000 Darktide Low FPS Drops and stuttering if multiple programs are kept open in the programs. This way the game has fewer system resources to utilize which causes performance issues.

Use Task Manager to close all unwanted programs and if necessary set CPU process priority for Darktide.

Enable High-Performance Mode for Darktide

Windows has a high-performance mode that you can enable to boost game performance and fix FPS drops.

  • Press the Windows search button and type in Graphics Settings.
  • You will see a list of all the apps and games installed on the PC. Search for W40K: darktide and clip on Options.
  • Select High Performance

Disable In-game Overlay Apps

If you are using the Discord or Steam overlay then disable them as they cause game FPS drops and stuttering issues. The Discord user also needs to disable hardware acceleration.

Windows Game Bar

Those users who are dealing with the Darktide FPS drop issue can change the Game settings in windows 11.

Press Windows logo + I to open Settings.

Click on Gaming and one by one disable Xbox Game Bar, Captures, and Game Mode options.

If the problem persists then you can again turn them on.

Change User Setting in Fatshak Folder

This solution was posted on Reddit and it can help fix Warhammer 40000 Darktide FPS drops.

  • All you need is to press the Windows button and type %appdata% > Fatshark > DarkTide > User_Settigs.
  • Now Double click on User_Settings to open this file in a notepad.
  • Scroll down to find the required setting. Here look for settings names that start with the rt_scheckboard_reflections and end with rtxgi_scale
  • Now match your setting as shown in the below picture.
Change User Setting in Fatshak folder

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