How To Fix Warhammer 40000 Darktide Stuck on Loading Screen

After applying these fixes loading screen error is not going to kick you off the game.

Did your loading ever finish? The Warhammer 40000 Darktide takes a lot of time in loading. Eventually, the game will disconnect you from the server ending the loading screen issue. For Gamepass users the Darktide infinite loading screen causes more problems.

The Warhammer 4000: Darktide Stuck on loading screen issue might occur due to a faulty game server, bad internet connection, Easy anti cheat, or insufficient system hardware.

For this article, we have worked a lot in researching the best fixes to solve the Stuck on Loading Screen in Darktide.

Tip- Browse game in Steam Library > Manage > Browse Local Files and look for a file called gpu_detection.dll to delete it. Its tempoary but it will work.

Fixing The Warhammer 40000 Darktide Stuck on Loading Screen Problem

Below we have mentioned the best possible fixes after reading multiple forums threads. In most cases, these tips resolved the loading screen issue.

  1. Check-out System Requirements
  2. Prioritize the Game Exe from the Task manager
  3. Check Internet Connection
  4. Update GPU Drivers
  5. Close Unnecessary Background Tasks
  6. Update Darktide
  7. Check for Windows Updates
  8. Try Disabling Overlay Apps
  9. Perform a Clean Boot
  10. Disable Antivirus
  11. Verify Files Integrity
  12. Run Game as Administrator
  13. Reinstall the Game

In most cases, the loading screen issue shows that your system is not fulfilling the game’s graphical requirements. As the Wh40k: Darktide is a graphic-intensive game it has to load shaders once you select your character and end the prologue.

The thing that you need to focus on is to close all the background apps as they consume RAM and CPU usage leaving less for the game. You can give priority using a task manager it will reserve more resources for the game to run.

A stable Internet connection is viable to play this game on your PC so make sure you have one that is trustworthy.

If your graphics card driver is outdated then you might have to face Warhammer 40000 Darktide Stuck on Loading Screen problem. Make sure you have updated GPU drivers. We suggest our users download Driver Easy which is the best and most reliable tool to install drivers on your PC (Automatically). Also, keep tabs on your Windows update.

If the problem persists then verify the integrity of game files via Steam and temporarily disable antivirus software. Then perform a clean boot that means only a handful of processes will run making it easier to determine which process is causing the problem.

Now run the game as administrator.

As a last resort, you can reinstall the game because it might be a corrupted or missing game file that is important to load the game.

We have also covered Warhammer 40000 Darktide crashing issues, so do read it if you are also dealing with in-game crashes.