What Does NFS Mean on Instagram (Text and Stories)

Learn popular Insta slang used in social media.

With the evolution of social media, Instagram offers a wide range of appealing content from fashion to fitness. You scroll the feed and see a lot of cool stuff that comes along with its own internet language. People on social media use a lot of cool acronyms to save space and time. Each community has come up with its own lingo that is used in its own unique sense and can have multiple meanings based on context. There is a long list of such acronyms used in Instagram. 

When you enjoy Instagram, it at times becomes handy to understand this new lingo. You may also have seen one such term NFS somewhere in stories or text with or without hashtags and you might have wondered what is this. 

If you are new to Instagram and you seem to have difficulty understanding this new trendy language, don’t worry. We have explained all you need to know about NFS on Instagram text and stories. 

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram Stories?

Actually, you will see several meanings of NFS online as it varies from context to context. We have gathered all the context in which NFS can be used on Instagram. 

1. NFS-Not For Sale

You might see #NFS is written on posts and stories where the content creator, Instagram influencers, artists, businessmen, or any advertising agency advertise any of their products.

Their NFS stands for “Not For Sale,” which has more of a business sense. The image was put on a story or post just for artistic purposes, not because they were trying to sell something. 

When you look up what NFS actually means, you’ll be faced with several different answers because it stands for several different things.

In the Instagram Stories, NFS stands for “No Filter Sunday,” which users will use when they post a picture on Sunday without a filter on it. 

2. NFS- No Filter Sunday/ No Filter Story

Normally Instagram photos have a lot of editing and filters. If you see a story with NFS it means that the photo has no filter or editing or is taken from a simple camera. Most of the time if no filter picture or video is put on a story on Sunday, NFS means No filter Sunday. However, if it’s any other weekday, it means No filter Story.

3. NFS- No Filter Squad

You may see a caption, “Natural beauty does not require any filter. #nfs”. This means that the person doesn’t use trendy Instagram filters and is comfortable with sharing natural pictures and videos and belongs to a squad that doesn’t use filters.

4. NFS- Not for Sharing

If you see NFS written on the public reel, story, or post, it is very simple that the owner does not want that video, picture or story to be shared. It may be any opinion or statement. 

5. NFS- No Follower Syndrome

You may also see hashtag NFS in the context that the person is not in any race to gain more and more followers and is out there just to have fun. For example, you see a story, “I love my small Instagram family. #NFS”

What Does NFS Means on Instagram Texts?

Now people love to shorten statements and use abbreviations. You mays see NFS used in many contexts in Instagram DMs or sometime in the story where one is talking about something. 

1. NFS- Not For Sure

One more NFS meaning in the row is ” Not For Sure”. It is often written in reply to any question or situation about which one may not be sure or needs some time to think over it. 

2. NFS-Not Funny Shit

If someone says NFS if you crack a joke it means that person wants you to stop joking and might have taken offense. For example, if you say “You are looking like Panda” if someone has put on weight and they reply with “NFS”.

3. NFS- Nice F**king Shot

It is a new trendy way of appreciating someone for a nice click or outstanding photography skills. In this context, you may see NFS in the comment section or in the text. For example, someone has put a picture or video and you see a comment, “NFS. Enjoy traveling”.

4. NFS – Not Feeling Social

It is actually a way of saying that you want to stay alone and you don’t feel like interacting with anyone.

If you text someone and they reply with NFS, it means they need some personal time and you must stop texting them.

You may also see this in a story like, “Deactivating my Instagram for a while. #nfs”