We all get anxious when our computer overheats. When we listen the loud sound of the computer fan, we instantly get paranoid over it. Then we start questioning ourselves that, is it overheating? Why is my computer overheating? How hot can a CPU get before damage?

 The users also asks how hot can a GPU get before damage, but listen overheating does affect your computer only if it keeps running for too long.

At present, I am reading a lot of question about what overheating does with your computer. In response, I am going to explain what happens when a computer overheats for too long?

There are two major components  CPU & GPU which does most of the work generating more heat and are the reason why computer overheats.

In the absence of adequate cooling system computer overheats immediately. It’s because hot air gathers inside the computer case causing Computer overheating. It will be the alarming situation when your CPU temperature exceeds 70 C and GPU temperature crosses 80 C. Here you must take emergency steps to cool down your PC.

What Happens When Computer Overheats

Intel processors have a built-in chip which shut down the computer in case computer overheats. But AMD processors keep running until something starts melting.

Usually, when the computer overheats, it’s first sign is freezing or hang/crash. But the problem doesn’t stop here, and if you keep running heavy tasks on computer. Then you have to face the music in shape of a sudden shutdown, automatic restart.

Then pixelated lines or blue screen of death will appear on your desktop screen. The computer fan will make noisy sound due to its constant working. Now you can literally feel the heat from PC.

Continuous computer overheating can damage PC motherboard along with other components causing total failure of the computer.

In the dangerous scenario, you can smell burning CPU. It will start melt and then……. Kaboom. The chances are very low because before CPU start melting it shutdown whole system.

It is not necessary that all above-mentioned signs appear at the same time. The situation varies depending on computer hardware quality.

What To Do When Computer Overheats

There are a bunch of methods from simple and free one to difficult and costly. You can start by cleaning dust with air blower or run your computer with an open case. Install PC temp monitor software to check which component is working most.

Place your computer away from the wall for better air flow. Avoid hot neighbors. Lastly, improve air or liquid Cooling system.

Hope this will help you to solve your computer overheating problem.

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