What is the Safe GPU Temperature While Mining?

What is the optimal GPU mining temperature? Here's a simple chart for acceptable crypto mining

These days GPUs are also used in cryptocurrency mining although GPU is a consumer product and is only built to play games or watch movies. Hence GPUs are not built for bitcoin mining or something like that.

However, the use of graphic cards in bitcoin mining is also raising serious problems of high GPU temperature. With the advancements in GPU, mining 24 x 7 using GPU coupled with cooling gadgets does not pose any serious threat.

Still, sometimes GPU overheats on the rig while mining only when you keep mining at a high GPU temp. Or when you add commands to get a high hash rate per second.

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What is the ideal GPU temperature while mining?

Practically speaking while mining if GPU temps remain within 60°C up to 70°C. It’s the normal GPU mining temperature at its best giving you optimal hash rate.

However, as a general rule, the ideal temperature while mining should be as low as possible.

Here’s another fact when you are mining your GPU temperature can’t go below 60°C. Because during mining GPU consumes more electrical power and as a by-product generates heat.

If you have managed to remain GPU temp below 60°C then it means either you have cool ambient temperature or your GPU is water-cooled.

What is the safe laptop mining temperature, besides can I mine on a Laptop?

  • If you are going to do this at least remove your laptop battery so it doesn’t explode.

Laptops are not meant for this purpose because mining is a 24×7 process. If you continuously mine on a laptop then plastic may be curled on due to heat.

However, if you plan to mine on the best gaming laptop having 2070 RTX. Then your laptop mining temperature must not exceed 70°C.

What is the Safe GPU Temperature While Minning?

To explain the safe GPU temperature while mining we have provided a general estimate. Below you can see the normal GPU temp range while mining. These are estimates which are gathered after reading several bitcoin forums.

Mining GPU TempIs It Safe?How Does it Effect?
0°C – 29°CSafeLooks like you need to turn on your computer first!
30°C – 49°CSafeNo major tasks can be performed at this temp except playing Mine Craft. Are you sure your GPU is mining?
50°C – 59°CStill SafeIt’s the idle mining GPU temp. Are you sure it is not underclocked?
60°C – 69°CIdeal/good/bestThis is the GPU temp where you can get an acceptable hash rate. Energy optimized. GoldDigger
70°C – 75°COptimal levelThis is the optimal GPU temp for bitcoin mining Are you playing high graphics gaming or intensive GPU mining is going on. Still, it’s a good GPU temp for mining. You can even heat your room if you are living in a cold place.
75°C – 79°CAcceptable but not safeThis GPU temp range is still acceptable. However, your GPU is not going to produce any better mining results. So, be on the safer side, back off a little bit.
80°C – 89°CNot SafeThis is an extreme GPU temp limit while mining. At this point, your GPU might seem like it’s doing fine but you are damaging your hardware.
90°C – 99°CWarningYou are seriously damaging your GPU. Before you burn those plastics turn off your miner and inspect what’s going on with your GPU.
100°C – 109°CRed AlertIt’s dangerous at this GPU temp range. You are breaking your costly GPU. If you are lucky you might use your GPU for another 6 months.
110°C+Kaboom!!There’s no hope for your GPU anymore. For a mining GPU, this temperature limit is like the end of the world.
GPU Mining Temperature Chart

How can you ensure safe GPU mining temp?

To lower GPU temp while mining here are some of the best DIY tips that can help you maintain a safe mining temp for GPUs.

Underclock Your GPU

Lowering the TDP of GPU is the best practice to fetch a good hash rate at a reduced heat level. You can use any tool i.e. MSI Afterburner or Rig Manager to lower the GPU’s heat production.

Most NVIDIA GPUs mining hash rates will not be affected by lowering the power limit to 70% or 80%. At the same time, no algorithms need 100% power allocation. So underclock GPU power consumption, and thus your heat output will drop significantly.

Increase Fan Speed

Increasing GPU fan speed or running it at the ideal RPM level will help you push more air through your rig. Although fans are capable to run at 100% RPM, this isn’t ideal GPU fan speed for 24/7 mining. Don’t exceed 75% of total RPM, it is considered to be a good GPU mining fan speed.

Tip- To maintain safe GPU fan speed for mining set a custom fan curve that goes 100% at 80C, 80% at 70C, 60% at 60C, 40% at 50C

Ideal fan speed for mining

Install Extra Fans

Case fans are inexpensive and help improve airflow within your rig. This is especially important if your cards are blower-style and don’t have great aftermarket cooling mechanics built into their design.

Improve Rig’s Ventilation

To keep GPU cool while mining usually your rig has multiple cards for adequate space between GPU and other components. Make sure that you place the rig away from the walls. If you do that it will allow better airflow around the rig.

Maintain Ambient Temperature

Make sure that the ambient temperature is not too high. To keep cool temp use windows, ductwork, box fans, etc. to remove the heat from the operating room.

Reapply Thermal Paste

If you are mining using an old GPU then try to replace the thermal paste of the GPU. The thermal paste dries up over time, especially 3 years old GPUs.

There are several best thermal paste for GPU in the market buy anyone of them. Read our guide on how to apply the thermal paste using easy methods.

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Is 70C safe for GPU Mining?

While mining 70C is considered to be an acceptable temperature at this point things get toasty. You definitely should not get any hotter also try to lower the power limit.

How to reduce GPU temperature when mining?

To lower GPU temp while minning first set custom fan curve using MSI Afterburner and then lower power limit.

What is RTX 3070 safe temperature for mining?

RTX 3070 is the latest card so try to run it under 50C. The test proved that if you give 50% power, +1250 memory clock, and -600 core clock then you will get 60MH/s. At this point, the RTX 3070 safe temp will be around 50C.

What is the best CPU temperature While mining?

The ideal CPU temperature while mining should be as low as possible. If you need numbers then a temperature up to 60°C is the normal CPU mining temperature.

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