What is the Safe GPU Temperature While Mining?

What is the optimal GPU mining temperature? Here's a simple chart for acceptable crypto mining

These days GPU’s are also used in cryptocurrency mining although GPU is a consumer product and is only built to play games or watch movies. Hence GPUs are not built for bitcoin mining or something like that.

The use of graphic cards in bitcoin mining is also raising serious problems of high GPU temperature. With the advancements in GPU, mining 24 x 7 using GPU coupled with cooling gadgets does not pose any serious threat.

Still, sometimes GPU overheats on the rig while mining only when you keep mining at a high GPU temp. Or when you add commands to get a high hash rate per second.

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What is the Safe GPU Temperature While Minning?

To explain the safe GPU temperature while mining we have provided a general estimate. Below you can see the normal GPU temp range while mining. These are estimates which are gathered after reading several bitcoin forums.

  • 0°C – 29°C: Looks like you need to turn on your computer first!
  • 30°C – 49°C:  No major tasks can be performed at this temp except playing Mine Craft. Are you sure your GPU is mining?
  • 50°C – 59°C:  It’s the idle mining GPU temp. Are you sure it is not underclocked?
  • 60°C – 69°C: This is the GPU temp where you can get an acceptable hash rate. Energy optimized.
  • 70°C – 75°C: This is the optimal GPU temp while mining bitcoin either you are playing high graphics gaming or intensive GPU mining is going on. It’s a good GPU temp to heat your room as well if you are living in a cold place.
  • 75°C – 79°C: This GPU temp range is still acceptable. However, your GPU is not going to produce any better mining results. So, be on the safer side, back off a little bit.
  • 80°C – 89°C: This is an extreme GPU temp limit. At this temperature range, your GPU might seem like it’s doing fine but you are damaging your hardware.
  • 90°C – 99°C: You are seriously damaging your GPU. Before you burn those plastics turn off your miner and inspect what’s going on with your GPU.
  • 100°C – 109°C: It’s dangerous at this GPU temp range. You are breaking your costly GPU. If you are lucky you might use your GPU for another 6 months.
  • 110°C+: There’s no hope for your GPU anymore. For a mining GPU, this temperature limit is like the end of the world.