How To Fix Wild Hearts Crashing on PS5 on Load Up Screen

Turn off the internet connection or use new PSN account to fix the WH crashing.

The most awaited monster hunter-alike game is released but many PS5 players are not happy due to its consistent crashing issues. Players are complaining that Wild Hearts is crashing on PS5 when booting up.

When it happens the PS5 screen goes black and then nothing. Some somehow made it to EA’s original screen after making several attempts to launch the game. Still struck by the same fate.

As far as the game update is concerned developers are going to release next week a patch to fix Wild Hearts PS5 crashing issues.

After reading several threads on Reddit & EA we can conclude that it’s the online connection coupled with the multiplayer option that is messy. We have also seen that those who have bought the Wild Hearts Kararuki edition are dealing with more crash issues on PS5 as compared to the Standard edition.

But don’t worry here we have solutions that may be temporary but will address the core issue.

How to Fix Wild Heart Keeps Crashing on PS5 When Booting Up?

Here are all the possible fixes that can solve your problems.

1. Turn Off The Online Connection

Most users who died a PS5 crashing issue complained that when the game loads up it asks for an internet connection. They need to disable the Internet Connection when loading the game.

You can also turn off the online connection easily by choosing Advanced Settings in the game and turning off the online connection.

Until developers release a new update try to play Wild Hearts Solo, otherwise you will see crashing issues.

2. Delete Saved game Data

Another fix that worked like a charm for most players is to delete saved game data. As the saved data might get corrupted you need to remove the saved file and play the game from the start.

Also switching to your location’s language can resolve this issue.

3. Switch Off 120hz Mode

If you are still dealing with Wild Heart crashing on PS5 when booting, then switch off the 120 HZ mode. You can easily do this just by following the below steps.

  • Go to the system’s Settings menu > Screen and Video > Video Output > 120 Hz Output.

This option may not appear depending on your connected display

4. Use a New EA & PSN Account to Launch the Game

many users on EA and Reddit claimed that the Wild Heart PS5 crashing issue was resolved by using the new EA and PSN accounts.

You can also do that same and then launch the game again.

5. Switch to Resolution Mode and Turn HDR off

Another fix to address the issue is to switch to Resolution Mode from the performance mod and turn HDR off in the game. By doing this, you can resolve your issue.

6. Disable the Reset Mode on PS5

Reset mod on PS5 can get you out of this issue. If the problem persists then try to disable the reset mode on PS5.

7. Update PS5 to the Latest Firmware

Ensure PS5 firmware is updated. In most cases, Sony releases the new update but users either forget to update PS5 or their auto-update option is disabled.

8. Rebuild the PS5 Database

Last but not least, rebuilding the PS5 database can fix issues with game crashes. For many users, this solution creates more problems but some took this risk and themselves out of the continuous crashing issues.