Wordle Archive: How To Play Previous & Past Wordle Puzzle

Want to solve past Wordles? Here's how to play previous days' Wordle Games

Wordle has conquered the world of word puzzles in a short time and got a big audience although it was not a downloadable game. It is a strict game in which you can only solve one puzzle a day in six given trials within a few minutes. It’s sad for Wordle fans that they can only play it once and can’t access previous puzzles via the official website. There has always been this question if you can play previous wordle Puzzles?

There have been several unofficial Wordle archives that have stored all the past and previous puzzles two of the popular ones developed by Devang Thakkar and Noah Metzger. Unfortunately, they are taken down by The News. Still stay hopeful, as we have managed to bring you easy ways to play previous wordle puzzles and enjoy the game anytime.


Unofficial Wordle Archive by Taq Karim

There’s still one Wordle Archive to bring rejoice to Wordle players by allowing them to play the game simply by entering the specific date and playing the puzzle of that respective date. However, it’s still not sure for long this archive will sustain as Karim himself saysΒ 

β€œIf Wordle ever changes their implementation of how the answer logic works which to be honest I think they probably will, this tool will break” 

However, until it ends enjoy the game!

Using the Wayback Machine

Another way to play the past Wordle puzzles is to use the trusty Internet Wayback Machine. Using this, you can access Wordle puzzles as far back as October 15, 2021. For this you’ll have to feed the original Wordle web address into the Wayback Machine otherwise it will auto-direct you to the official Wordle homepage.Β 


Change the Time and Date of your system

Another interesting way to play unlimited wordle puzzles from earlier days is to change the time and date of your PC, macOS, iOS, and Android.Β 

Windows PC

  • Head to the Start menu and then to β€œSettings”
  • Click on Time & Language.
  • Firstly, turn off the option to Set Time Automatically and Set Time Zone Automatically.
  • Then click on the Change button under β€˜Change date and time’
  • Switch the Date and Time as you wish and confirm it by clicking on β€˜Change’
  • Go to the browser and head to the official Wordle website.
  • Now you can play the Wordle puzzle of the date you have set on your PC.


  • Click on the Apple icon and select System Preferences.
  • Tap on Date & Time.
  • Click the lock to make changes. Then you have to enter your admin password and click on Unlock.
  • Unselect the β€œSet date and time automatically” option and set a date and time manually.
  • Click on Save and open the browser. Go to the official Wordle Website and complete the puzzle.


  • Go the settings
  • Head to System then to Date & Time.
  • Turn off Set Time Automatically and Set Time Zone Automatically.
  • Now, manually select the date and time of your choice


  • Go to Settings
  • Β Then click on General and select Date & Time.
  • Turn off the option to Set it Automatically
  • Enter the date and time of your choice

By chaning the date and time on your device you can play and enjoy unlimited previous Wordle. However you can not play way older puzzles because of the β€œYour Clock is Behind” message on Chrome and for every puzzle, you have to keep changing the dates, that becomes a hectic task.Β 

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