World of Warcraft Dragon flight: Blacksmithing Leveling Up Guide

First of all, you cannot get to skill 100 in one go at the very beginning of the game with any of the professions in dragon flight and this is entirely by design. We will be able to get about skill level 50 before we gonna need to head out and do a combination of different things. But we will get the early leveling done nicely and quickly. I will tell you exactly how that’s done today.

Materials for Leveling:

You need these items 61 primal Flux, 256 Serevite Ore, and Draconium Ore. If you follow the steps it will work for you every time.


When we level up we can actually first pick up blacksmithing from level 58 you don’t strictly need to be level 60. Although it is sensible to get yourself over to Val Draken the new capital city head over to the crafting area and do you’re leveling there simply because you got all of the vendors there you have got the tables too where you can do all the crafting as well.

Leveling Up by Blacksmithing:

To begin with, the first thing we are going to craft ourselves is a Draconium Blacksmith hammer. This is our first introduction to the tool. Learn some new recipes from the associate professor instructor. From 16 to 19 we are going to make a Skinning knife. From 19 we are going to make a Draconium toolbox this will also guarantee three skills as well. We will also have to equip this tool as well.


Now we need to make Draconium Leather Work Knife this will also guarantee three skill points. Learn the new recipes again. Now we will make two Draconium Leather Worker tool sets this will take us to level 32. From 32 make a couple of Draconium Sets after crafting you will reach to level 36. Now craft the Greaves you need to craft the higher quality of these sets because nobody will buy them if they are of low quality. We will make three sets of these and this will give us a handle full of skill points. You will reach level 41 once you craft these. Now we gonna craft the Expert Gauntlets you will reach level 45. Now craft three spaulders and this will level you to 50. Don’t depend on the suggested numbers it will give you more points. From now here you need to craft an Expert helm. After reaching level 55 it will unlock the two specializations and then you need to reach level 75 to unlock the third one. And for the fourth one, you need to reach 100 skill points. Choose the option wisely to put the skills in the specialization because there is no undone button.

Unlock Recipes:

Unlocking recipes

Through this, you will unlock some new recipes and some new patterns. You’re alternative is to go out into the open world to do some grinding. There are a lot of recipes that are locked behind the reputation. If you select the filter and select unlearn you will be able to see there are a lot of recipes that you don’t possess whether it gives you the skill point or not and then you can also check the requirements of that recipe. There are also some recipes that are purchasable from the auction house.

From these, you can push level 55 to 100. We hope this guide will help you.

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