World of Warcraft Dragonflight: How To Unlock Community Feast (Helping Big Kinookmake Delicious Soup)

Take part in community feat and Help the Tuskarr Make a Delicious Soup.

If you can complete Community Feast in the WOW Dragonflight you can get rewards that will help you as you progress in the game. but to unlock Community Feasts in WoW Dragonflight you will have to upgrade your Renown.

The Community Feasts in WoW is an event that automatically starts and intimates you using an icon just before 15 minutes. In this quest, you will Iskaara chef to prepare a feast for the Iskaara Tuskarr Tribe.

In this article, we will explain how to unlock and complete Community Feasts in WoW Dragonflight

How to unlock Community Feasts in WoW Dragonflight

To unlock Community Feasts in WoW Dragonflight you need to complete this quest in The Azure Span. It will unlock the Iskaara Tuskarr Renown after that you have to level up your Renown to level three by completing the different campaigns, worlds, and side quests.

You can start this quest by talking to the Pleeqi NPC there.

Azure Span location

Location of Community Feasts in WoW Dragonflight

Go to the Azura Span and meet the NPC to start the quest. When you reach the location you will see this Chef Big Kinook near the Big Pot. A community feast is basically the preparation of the soup where all get-together and prepare the soup. You have to perform 5 tasks.

How to complete Community Feasts in WoW Dragonflight

The horn-like icon over Iskaara will show up when the Community Feasts quest commences. You have 15 minutes you complete ass many tasks as possible. These tasks include fetching milk (Orca milk from the Tuukanit NPC) and ingredients to make improve the quality of the soup.

Iskaara's Central tent

Complete Community Feasts tasks to get the reward.

  • Complete Kitchen Duty
  • Get Supervisor Role
  • Protect the Soup from enemies
  • Taste the Soup Take the third taste, this time with your eyes closed
  • Find the missing Ingredient: Find the Lakkamuk Blennies from the Lake

All Community Feats rewards in WoW Dragonflight

For each task that you complete in the Dragonflight community feast, you will receive rewards:

  • 25 reputation with the Iskarra Tuskarr tribe
  • Finishing the weekly Community Feast quest, you’ll get a 500 reputation
  • Dragon Isles Supply Chain
  • Supply-Laden Soup Pot
  • one to three Dragon Isles Artifact
  • Sacred Tuskarr Totems
  • Ancient Protector Broadsword
Rewards for quest

This is how you can complete the wow Dragonflight community feast quest. We hope this guide will help you.

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