World of Warcraft Dragon flight – How to complete Bakar Dream of Lost Argali Quest

There are a lot of quests that you have to do in WOW Dragon Flight. Quests are basically the side missions that you have to do by different NPCs. You have to find different items and solve some puzzles in order to complete the quest which will help you a lot in-game progress and also in leveling up. On your way, you also have to do the Bakar Dream of Lost Argali Quest.

In this guide, we will discuss how to do the Bakar Dream of Lost Argali Quest.

Location for Quest

You will be able to find this quest in Aylaag Camp. Go to the location and meet the Huntmaster Malkik NPC. There you will start the quest by selecting from the book. You can also do some other quests like Thundering Plains.

Aylaag camp location

Lost Argali Quest

Now you need to meet the Aylaag Shepherd NPC. You will meet this NPC near the Huntmaster to the left side where you will see multiple sheep. He will ask you to gather the sheep scattered from the Flock. You will be able to find the sheep in Thunderspine Ridge a place near to that NPC. Move a little forward you will see the sheep in the open circle area.

Lost Argali Quest location

You need to push the sheep toward the flock by going near to them. This will take some time because they stop multiple times. There are also enemies around so you need to be careful. If they come around you need to defeat them. You can take both sheep at a time or one at a time. Depends on you but both will take time. You have to take the sheep through the trees. There is also an area drawn that you can see on the map bringing the sheep into that area. It will take 10 minutes to bring them back to the Flock.  

Rewards for completing Quest

After taking the sheep to their Flock go back to the Huntmaster Malkik NPC and talk to him that will end your quest. You will receive some rewards.

  • Dragon Isles Supply Cache
  • Maruuk Centaur Reputation
Rewards for quest

This is how you can complete the Bakar Dream of Lost Argali Quest. I hope this guide will help you.

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