World of Warcraft Dragonflight: How to do Writhebark Farming

Here is the best location to farm Writhebark and make million on wow.

In WoW Dragonflight you can find Writhebark which is an important herb found throughout the Dragon Isles. Writhebark is spawned rarely in 4 variants: Frigid, Lush, Titan-Touched, and Windswept. It can be bought and sold at the auction house.

You can find Writhebark in WOW when you complete quests which are given to you by the NPCs. you can also start Writhebark farming in WOW.

In this guide, we will discuss how to farm Writhebark Farming Location in WOW Dragon Flight.

What is Writhebark

Writhebark is an Herbalism item that has a level 60. You must have to unlock the Herbalism skill before gathering it.

Great Writhebark Farming Location in Dragonflight

World of Warcraft Dragonflight: How to do Writhebark Farming

You can find this item in different locations around the map and you can also buy this item from the auction house. You can also get this item from the NPC in Azure Span. The Name of this NPC is Rotting Treant.

How to Start Writhebark Farming in WOW?

Writhebark is one of the hardest herbs to get in WOW Dragonflight. It’s also worth more than the other herbs. You will be able to pick this up in small quantities during the other herbalism farming.

In WOW Dragon Flight there is no herb that has a specific location. If you find them in any zone you will end up getting this with some other herbs. The herbs have certain preferences for where they would like to grow. Knowing this you can make more efficient farming routes. Writhbark usually likes to grow on trees.

This will be a long journey because you have to fly around to find Writhebark. So you need to max out your dragon riding skills. The location we will cover is the western side of the azure span. The reddish area on the map. You will get the Writhbark within the waterfall.

How to Start Writhebark Farming in WOW?

Try to cover the ground area and look for the herb. You can also grab the herb from the Hochenblume and cascade. Just try to cover the red areas as much as possible and you will be to get a lot of Writhbark herbs.

Writhebark Herb in Dragonflight

This is how you will able to farm the Writhebark herbs. I hope this guide will help you.

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