World of Warcraft Dragon flight – How to fly forever

World of Warcraft Dragon Flight is a new entry in its series which introduces new functionalities and features. Which makes it different from the others. Dragon riding is one of the main features of World of Warcraft Dragon Flight.

In this guide, we will discuss how to fly forever in WOW Dragon Flight.

Dragon riding

Dragon Riding:

Let’s start with the basics Dragon riding is a physics-based replacement for traditional flying. It only works in the dragon isles for now. You will unlock dragon riding during the main campaign questline and you should reach it within 30 minutes to an hour of entering the first zone of dragon flight.

You will unlock four different Dragon riding mounts while leveling through the four new zones one for each dragon you interact with in each zone red green blue and bronze. Maybe more dragon-riding mounts will come in the future update. The new flying system is way quicker and faster than the traditional one. You can also set an auto path like autopilot and also increase your speed by the movement.

How to Fly Forever:

The main way to fly for longer in the air is by using the Skyward Ascent. It is keybind as 2 by default but you can also cast it by the space bar for the easiness. Skyward Ascent is your core skill in dragon riding and you can also pass through the mountains without even landing. The secret to using Skyward Ascent effectively is to tilt your camera up as soon as you start to flap upwards. You don’t want to do it early if you pitch up before you hit the space bar then you will lose all your momentum and you will basically come to a screeching halt in the air.

You want to fly upwards and pitch up in a single smooth movement and then not go too far on the angle either. You only want to go up about 30 to 45 degrees upward for about a second and a half. Then as your Skyward Ascent is coming to an end you smoothly level your camera back out to like flat zero degrees even with the ground and now you are way higher in the air you should be moving a lot faster you were. Once you do the movement just for the momentum to bring back and perform the movement again.

Dragon Flying forever

This is how you can stay forever in the while dragon riding. We hope this guide will help you.

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