World of Warcraft Dragonflight: How to get All Dragon Mounts

World of Warcraft Dragon Flight is just released which introduces the mounts. Dragon Flight launched 33 mounts which is a bit lower than some other expansions, especially if you look at Shadowlands which launched with an overwhelming amount of around 100 mounts.

But this expansion launched with the four dragon riding mounts which have a ton of customization. A lot of customization is locked behind you now the rares, collectibles and professions. So, you will have a lot to collect and do within this expansion.

All Dragon Mounts:

So, the first four mounts we are going to talk about are the dragon-riding mounts and you are going to get these during the leveling process. One will come from each of the leveling zones you will get the renewed proto-drake from the wake and shores. You are going to get the windborne velocity drake from the owner and planes you are going to get the Highland drake from azure span and then finally at the end of the leveling you will get the Cliffside while the drake from the fell dresses.

So, once you are done with the leveling process and the main story questline you will have your four Dragon riding mounts available in the game. There will also be two amazing skins for the dragon that you going to get. The first one will be the Storm Eater and then there will be Crimson Gladiator skin which is obviously from getting the gladiator in season one of the dragon flight.

dragon mount


The next mount to talk about will be lizi which you will get pretty early on in the expansion by doing the initiate stay out questline which you will find in the Ohn’iri Springs once you hit those two requirements. You will getting the daily task and you have to do five daily tasks with Lizi. Once you complete the task on the final day you will get the Lizi.

Lizi dragon mount

Zenet Hatchling:

The next mount we will talk about is Zenet Hatchling which will come from Zenet Avis by defeating which will drop the Zenet egg then the egg will hatch in seven days into the zenet Hatchking.

zenet hatchling mount


The next one is Vorquin which is in the Valdrakken the new one has its own eight race mounts you can pick up. These are going to be the Vorquin in which five unarmored Vorquin and three armored Vorquin which can be purchased during the starting area of the track. If you won’t get there don’t worry you will get this From the NPC in Valdrakken.

vorquin mount

Plainswalker Bearer:

The next one is Plainswalker Bearer which will come in the grand hunt event. You can also get this by going to the horn and also taking part in the activities like killing mobs or bosses or looting things. Once you have done this you will get a purple bag. Only one bag per week which gives you this mount.

plainswalker bearer mount

Azure and Tamed Skitterfly:

The next two ones are the Skitter flyer. The first one you will get free once you hit the Renown 25 with the dragon scale expedition. Next one you will purchase from the vendor for like Dragon out resources.

Verdant Skitterfly:

You will also get this from Renown 25 just go back there and grind until you get this mount.

verdant skitterfly mount

Ivory Trader’s Ottuk:

The next mount we will talk about is Ivory Trader which will be sold by tattoo Kiaka who will be found in iskara. They will demand Dungeon loot instead of gold.

ivory trader's ottuk mount

Iskaara Trader’s Ottuk:

You will get this Mount from the NPC (Tattuklaka) which also gives you the Ivory mount but this time he will demand Raid Loot instead of dungeon loot. He wants two neckpieces one come from Teros which is the second boss and then the other one is going to be from Dathia Ascended which is the fifth boss.

iskaara trader's ottuk mount

Stormhide Salamanther:

The next one we will talk about is Stormhide Salamanther. This is going to come from the primal invasion events that happen within the dragon isle. Now, this we believe won’t happening until the raids are launched.

stormhide salamanther mount

Vicious Sabertooth:

There will be two Vicious mounts which will be coming in the first season of the dragon mount. One is Vicious Sabertooth for the Alliance and one is Vicious Sabertooth for Horde.

vicious sabertooth mount

Hailstorm Armoredon:

There will also be a mount for getting Keystone Master in Dragon Flight season one is Hailstorm Armoredon. This is a ground mount it’s not related to dragon flight. 

hailstorm armoredon mount

Divine Kiss of Ohn’ahra:

If you like transferring into the bird then this mount will be for you. This does not act as a passenger mount currently. So, you can’t use it like Sandstone Drake but either way still a pretty cool mount. You will get this mount you need to complete the initial stay out questline which involves the stuff with the Blizzard. Then you need to go to NPC bird in Ohn’iri Springs called Godoloto.

The NPC will demand three stolen breaths of Inara which will be dropped from the last boss not good offensive. The next time that you will need is the essence of awakening which you will get from the Eternal sand. The final item you need is Exultant Incense which will be going to made by the alchemist but it will require Renown 22 with the Maroc center.

divine kiss of ohn'ahra mount

Brown / Yellow Scouting Ottuks:

You will get these by cooking feast event which happens every three hours and what happens you will be given a cooking task. Each task you do will get you 20 reps and you can do this as many times as you can. Try to do fishing and participate in the mob you will get 50 reps.  

brown/yellow scount ottuks mount

Brown / Yellow War Ottuk:

There are some more Ottuks which will be yellow and brown war ottuk. Once you reached the Renowed Theater which is the max Renown with the ascaran Tosca. Same methods for gaining reps once you get that you will be able to pick up your free war Ottuk.


The next for us to talk about will be shellack and this is just going to be a molten snail and it’s going to come from the Glory of the Dungeon hero achievement for the dragon flight.

Raging Magmammoth:

Then the glory of the Vault Raider achievement which is the raider one for the vault of Incarnates will give you the raging magmammoth.

Liberated Slyvern:

This is going to drop from a mob called breeze biter. Now we know the breeze biter is found within the Azure Span. Which will respawn every two to three hours.  

liberated slyvern mount

Loyal Magmammoth:

The next mount is Loyal Magmammoth which requires the megma of harness, which you will be able to purchase from the NPC called the Yries in the Obsidian Citadel. He want the Sturdy Obsidian Glasses.

loyal magmammoth mount


The next one is magmashell which is a rare spawn. Spawn near the river.

magmashell mount

Temperamental Skyclaw:

You will be able to get this mount from the NPC called Zon’Wogi. The NPC will ask you to bring the 20 flash-frozen meat from the nulls and 20 Nolan’s House Special.

temperamental skyclaw


This Mount comes from the Escaran Tosca tackle boxes when you hit the renowned 27 but it’s a rare chance to drop.

otto mount

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