World of Warcraft Dragonflight – How to get All the Walking Shores Treasures

In WOW Dragon Flight you have to find treasure time by time. These treasures help you in crafting and progress in the game. There are also treasures in the places that you have to find. You will find them as you visit them. You will also have to find the treasure of the Walking Shores.

In this guide, we will discuss how to find all the treasures of The Walking Shores. 

Golden Dragon Goblet Treasure:

You will be to begin the hunt for this chest when you reach the statue which is in the underground cave near Wingrest Embassy.

wingrest embassy down west

When you reach the statue you will see an NPC named as Emillia Bellocq. Interact and you will have to select the (Show me what you have for sale). Select the Archaeologist Artifact Notes. Which will create a chest mark on the map. Use the dragon riding to reach the place and land on the broken tower. At the bottom, you will see the item.

Knockoff artifact

Bubble Drifter Fish:

Again open the notes which will mark the next item on the map. This is rare fish that you have to collect from the side of the river.

Bubble Drifter fish

Yennu’s Kite Treasure:

For this treasure, you need to meet the NPC (Pana) first which you will meet at this location on the map. He will ask you to collect the item which is situated near to him on the higher mountain. Use the dragon riding to reach the mountain top and you will find this item on the branch of the tree.

Yennu's Kite treasure location

Dead Man’s Chest plate:

Go to this location on the map by using the dragon riding. You will see a big circular tower. Use the dragon to reach the top of the tower. And jump down into the tower. You will see dead bodies near the wall along with that you will see the armor. Take the armor.

Dead man's chest plate location

Torn Riding Pack:

Go to the location and you will find this item within the waterfall in between the rock.

Torn Riding pack location

Misty Treasure Chest:

 Reach the location you will reach the campfire to the right side of the campfire you will see a waterfall. In the mid of the waterfall, you will see a secret place where you will find this chest. Open the chest to get the Misty Satchel, Dragon Isle Supplies, silver, and copper.

Misty Treasure Chest location

Onyx Gem Cluster Treasure:

You need DragonScale Expedition level 21 for this item. After that reach the location and talk to the Boss Magor NPC. He will open a menu and scroll the option to the right and you will see the Onyx Gem Cluster map. Click the Onyx Gem which will show you the DragonScale Expedition. Select the Jeweled Whelpling Treasure.

Onyx Gem Treasure location

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