World of Warcraft Dragonflight –Β How to get Herbalism Talent

There are a lot of things to do in WOW Dragon Flight which keeps the players busy in the game. You can go fishing, you can do cooking, do jewel crafting, and much more. This game also has a healing system because you need healing when you fight with enemies. For that, you need healing potions and you have to find different healing items to make the healing potion. And this comes in Herbalism.

In this guide, we will discuss Herbalism in WOW Dragon Flight.



Herbalism is one of the professions in WOW Dragon Flight and it is a very useful profession. You have to get the Herbs items for the Alchemist to make potions. This is the new system in WOW which is interesting and complicated at the same time. There are four basic herbs

  • Bubble Poppy
  • Writhebark
  • Hochenblume
  • Saxifrage

Herbalism Talent:

If you go to your Herbalism Specialization you will be able to get your first Spec choice at level 25. So if you ask to choose you need to choose botany first and you have to put every point that you get into botany until you get to level 40 Botany. That is when you gather herbs while mounted. So botany should be your number one priority. You can also go for Cultivation after that which is also in the Botany tree it will give you perceptions. But I will suggest you go for Bountiful Harvest and put some points into each Specialization.

Try to put at least one point into each Specialization this will increase the number of herbs you gathered. When you pick each of the herbs it will give you Horticulture gives you Hochenblume. Arboriculture gives you Writhebark. Fungiculture gives you Bubble Poppy. Floriculture gives you Saxifrage. Arboriculture for the Writhebark is an important one because it’s very expensive so getting extra Writhbark will be very beneficial for you.


So you need to prioritize botany first because it improves the ability to pick herbs and also improves the quality and quantity of the herbs.


Bountiful Harvests:

Then Bountiful Harvests helps you to get extra skill while you are picking the herbs and also help you to upgrade the quality of the herbs.

bountiful harvests

Mastering the Elements:

At the last Mastering the Elements, it improves the skill of picking herbs and also gives you one skill at every point.

mastering the elements

This is how Herbalism Works. We hope this guide will help you.

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