World of Warcraft Dragon flight: How to Level Up Skinning

There are many things that you have to utilize in the WOW Dragon flight. These include skinning, crafting herbalism, and many more. You also have to increase the level of these in-order farm items and materials.

In this guide, we will discuss hot level-up skinning.


Skinning is the most important element in Dragon Flight. Which use to collect leather, scales, and hides. Leather is also an important factor in dragon riding due to that this is high in demand. So it’s important to learn skinning and level up the skinning.

Leveling up Skinning

As soon as you arrive on the dragon Isles you need to go towards the Wingrest Embassy. Just don’t stop anywhere straight and head towards the embassy. Before the start just go towards the NPC Sil’nori Crestshade. Select the Make this in your home option and move forward.

The first thing you need to do is visit the skinning vendor (Toninaar) which you will meet towards the left side of the camp area. Interact with the vendor and select the Dragon Isles Skinning and train. This will cost you 100 gold. Move a little more and grab the Flight path from the dragon. It will show you the map and click on the mark.

Map for Dragon isles

After doing this go back to the start area where you interact with NPC Sil’nori Crestshade. Now you need to loot and skin all of the mobs here. The guards will be one-shot so it will be easy for you to kill them. Loot from all of the dead dragons. This can be a time taking process. So, We will suggest you to use the Dark Moon Fire Water which will make the skinning a little faster.

How to use Loot Appraiser

Pull up the Loot Appraiser so you can check how much you are looting. If you really want to speed this up. Do the skinning in the peak so there will be a lot of people. After some time you will be able to unlock the Specialization at the 25 level. Your goal is to pull as many dragons as you can and stay alive while the guard kills them.  

loot appraiser

The best spec for this is Guardian Druid. You can hit to the max level of skinning in under 15 to 20 minutes depending on the process.

This is how you will be able to level up your skinning in no time. We hope this guide will help you.

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