World of Warcraft Dragon flight – How to level up the Jewel Crafting

There will be significant stages and you will have options during this path. There is a short and very cheap way and there is a long and very expensive way.

Materials required for Leveling Jewel Crafting

Serevite Ore 200

Rousing Earth 8: You will be able to get this from the Walking Shores and Azure Span.

Misshapen Filigree 5: can be bought from the auction house. These are the vendor item you can grab these from jewel crafting vendors. That will be standing in front of your trainer.

Silken Gemdust 7: You will either choose to buy this from the auction house and they are quite cheap. There is also a way to generate some of these. You have to pick up the jewel crafting from Associate Professor Instructor. You can also pick up Dragon Isle Jewel Crafting but it requires level 58.

Jewel Crafting

Jewel Crafting

When we first open jewel crafting we are not going to have many options. The first thing we have to do is to get some gems. So you can utilize Serevite Ore. We don’t need anything super high quality. We need only quality one Serevite Ore for this to prospect. This will give u some basic bits and pieces. We are going to prospect pretty much all of it in between 175 to 195. Don’t prospect all at a time. Save 10 to 15 Serevite Ore in case you need them later. After doing this you will start getting basic green gems, uncommon gems, and some other color variations of gems. Don’t worry about the quality. We will also get some fractured glass and some crumbled stone that will become useful later on the leveling path. This will get us to level 15 of the Dragon Jewel crafting.

leveling Jewel crafting

Now we will craft two sets of Frameless this will give us a guaranteed skill point. For this, we need rousing earth. If you have extra gems you can use Isle Crushing to get the SilkenGem dust. If you bought from the auction house just craft a couple of Frameless Lenses that will get us to level 17. Then we will craft a Pendant of Impending Perlis which will give us two skill points. But before we will make a shimmering class. This will get us to level 19. Just make two of these and this will get us to level 21. As you level up new recipes will unlock learn the new recipes within time.

Sundered Onyx Loups

Next, we will make two Sundered Onyx Loups. This is actually a profession tool that we are going to equip. This is also our first introduction to a profession tool. This will give us plus inspiration and plus multicraft. Your level will increase to 27 after doing this. We need to open all the available specializations which will unlock within time. Utilize your resources carefully because there is no undo button.

Sundered onyx loups

Red Carvings

Now we need to craft Red Carvings for which we need glossy stone. We can craft by ourselves. Make three of the Red carvings and then a Shimmering clasp by using the Misshapen Filigree which you can buy at the beginning. This will push us to level 30.

Red Carvings

At this point, we have some options. You will have to unlock the Nozdorite cuts. Nozdorite cuts are going to give us the Nozdorite gems. Which are the orange gems and we need them to level up. From this point, there is a power-level option. If you have enough gold you can through the gold into a power level and continuously craft the gems.  All the way up to level 80. But this required 70 Nozdorite gems. But these are very expensive due to this being the start of the expansion. Here comes the alternative way, you have to prospect 500 Draconium Ore and 20 Nozdorite gems. This will bring us to level 50 and you can unlock your second specialization tree.

Timewatcher’s Patience

You will see that you have unlocked the Timewatcher’s Patience which is basically a cooldown. Once you have used this you will give a cool down. Use three Fractured, four Eternity amber, and one Gemdust to craft this. Use this and you will get three Nozdorite and you will also receive a cooldown of 20 hours. So it will be necessary to use this once per day. So this is the transmute that you can do. This is time-consuming but it will be a good and free way to get the Nozdorite cuts. I suggest you use this. Every single Nozdorite cut also uses awakened frost, fire, earth, and awakened air. This will cost you around 500 gold each if you craft by the expensive way.

Timewatcher's Patience

These gems are not going to be cheap to craft. Jewel crafting is not a cheap profession. If you go out to the open world and start out some rep grinding. There are some more patterns that you can pick through reputation. There are also a lot of gems that you can pick up as well. Some of them will come from different places and some will come from spec trees. Some of them also require a reputation to pick up.

Expensive Way for Leveling

If you get your hands on some gem cuts at the beginning of the expansion. You will be to save yourself a lot of cash while leveling jewel crafting. The most expensive way to level up is just focusing on one item. Use different themes and can’t get the desired item just crush the extra gems which will give random items. Just stop at level 30 and explore the open world and get some reps. Also, the specialization that you unlocked will give you the patterns to learn as well. This will get you towards more leveling. 

Jewel leveling

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