World of Warcraft Dragonflight – How To Complete To DragonBane Keep Quest

Here's how to complete the Siege on Dragonbane Keep in WoW Dragonflight.

Assault on To DragonBane Keep quest can be unlocked with the Valdrakken Accord reputation with your renown at level five. In WOW the Siege on Dragonbane Keep will help you get more loot by helping Obsidian Outcasts to reclaim their area.

Keep seeing the Waking Shores minimap or horn-like icon when the Siege on Dragonbane Keep starts. This event is time-based so every 2 hours you can play DragonBane Keep Quest.

If you are new then here we have explained how to complete the DragonBane Keep Quest in WOW Dragon Flight.

Dragonbane keep quest

Location of “To Dragonbane Keep” WOW Quest

This is The Walking Shores quest which you will find in the Obsidian Outcasts. Where you meet the Herald Flaps NPC.

Location of "To Dragonbane Keep" WOW Quest

Talk to the NPC and start the quest there he will ask you to go to the location where you have to meet with Bronze Timekeeper to learn about the Aerial Challenges. 

 Dragonbane Quest location

The Big Push

Use the dragon to reach the location. This is a lava place where you will meet the two NPCs (Bowline, and Clove). You will see them in their conscious state. Interact with them to power them up.

After that go to the left side near the fireball pillar. Interact with the pillar and move forward. A little far you will attack by the Dragonbane Soldiers. Fight with the guards and defeat them.

Fighting Fire with Fire

After that move to the left side and reach to the high place where you will see a Flame Sentry. It’s like a fire genie. Along with that, you will see other enemies that you have to defeat. They will throw the fireball one you which will draw an orange circle on the. Keep your distance to save yourself from the attack. It will take some time to defeat them.

Defeat Flame Sentry

Controlled Burn

After defeating the grand flame enemies move forward. You will see a cave in front of you. Enter the cave and go to the right side. At the end of the place, you will be attacked by the Inferna the Bound enemy which is a giant stone-structured enemy. He will draw a flame circle and smash his feet on the ground. Stay out of his range and defeat him. After that talk to the Boss outside the cave to finish the Quest.

talk to boss

Rewards for Completing Quest

You will receive some reward after defeating him.

  • Obsidian Clump
  • Pyretic Speck
  • Warped Metal
  • Valdrakken Accord Reputation
Rewards for quest

This is how you can complete the DragonBane Keep Quest. I hope this guide will help you.

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