World of Warcraft Dragonflight – Grand Theft Mammoth Quest

World of Warcraft’s new Dragonflight expansion has a lot of new quests that you have to do. You need to complete them in order to progress in the game. It will also give you some rewards and materials to level up in Word of Warcraft Dragonflight

In this guide, we will discuss how to complete the grand theft mammoth quest.

Mammoth Tamer Tavok locations

Basically, you need to find the baby mammoth at different locations where you ride the mammoth. There are a total of four locations where you have to find the Baby Mammoth.

1. The first Mammoth Smoldering Perch

You will able to find this mammoth in the smoldering perch Area where you will find him near the cliff by going through the water. Rid the mammoth and take him back to the place. This is a straight path higher up within the mountains.

Smoldering perch area

2. The Second Mammoth Burning Ascent Area

You will find this mammoth in the open area where you will see him near the lava. Ride him and take him back through the lava area.

Burning Ascent Area

3. The Third Mammoth Dragonbane Keep Area

You will find this mammoth in between the two cliffs where lava is flowing. Take him back to the location by following the directions. Along the way, you will be attacked by multiple enemies. Try to avoid them because it will be difficult for you to defeat them. Take the mammoth back through the path of the Obsidian Citadel.

Dragonbane Keep area

4. The Fourth Mammoth Scale Cracker Keep Area

You will find the fourth one in the Scale Cracker Keep area where you will see him with the big Mammoth inside the cliff on a closed path. You have to pin the location where you want to go back because it’s a long way back. Clear your way through the lava and avoid any contact with enemies and reach the walking Shores. Cross the river and walk through the waterfall.

Then you have to cross the Overflowing Rapids Bridge where you have to be careful because you can fall. Follow the crumbling cliff path and reach the Flayscale camp and follow the Straight lava path to reach your destination.

Scale Cracker Keep Area

Rewards for completing Quest

After reaching the locations, you will complete your quest and you will receive some rewards.

Rewards for quest
  • Tame Magmammoths brought to Tavok Achievement
  • Scalcracker Keep
  • Grand Theft Mammoth

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