World of Warcraft Dragonflight – How to make more gold

Now with the start of any new expansion just selling any of the new material can make you a ridiculous amount of gold. All of those materials are usually massively inflated because everybody’s trying to buy up those materials to level up their professions. And that’s going to be even more true in Dragon Flight because we are getting the massive profession to rework. Having a character with herbalism and mining is going to be one of the best ways to make a ridiculous amount of gold.

In this guide, we are going to cover how to make more gold in Dragonflight expansion.

Resonant Crystal shuffle Build:

Β Resonant Crystal shuffle Build which is a way we can produce infinite epic enchanting crystals really early in Dragon Fly before the market flooded with these. Epic Enchanting materials are always stupidly rare at the of any bio expansion.Β 

Resonant Crystal shuffling

How to make The Build:

We are looking at a primal extraction enchanting build you are going to put 10 points into insight the blue. All your points are going into Primal extraction until you have it maxed out at 40 points. We are not going after any particular build in this sub-specialization. We are mostly after the passive which states learn to extract the elements within primal elements further studying their magic and acquiring regions and so on.

Draconic Disenchantment Build

To set up this build we need 10 points in insight the blue and 40 points in draconic Disenchantment. Once we have 40 points in draconic Disenchantment we learn the passive ability learn to better disenchantment. This will help gaining a small chance to acquire additional resonant crystals when disenchanting them. Basically now whenever we disenchant a weapon, if we get a chance to get a resonant crystal we are going to mass produce weapons to disenchant. Using this method, you can make any resident crystal as you like.

Draconic Disenchantment

How to make Money Gold:

First We tried using enchanting and mass crafting enchanted Writhebark once to enchant. This requires six chromatic dust and two Writhebark to make. You will get a lot of chromatic dust from Disenchanting. Writhebark is a rare herb but at least we only need it in small quantities. Disenchanted hundreds of these to try to and figure out what the approximate drop was. They seem to be around 1 and 33 you get a resonant crystal. Now as well as the resident crystals also get 40 vibrant shards in the process of doing this. Overall paying 66 Writhebark and 126 Chromatic Dust for 45 resonant shards and a resonant crystal is a pretty awesome deal.

Next, you can try pairing this for blacksmithing and mass-producing various weapons to see how that turned out. You can use an average of 288 flux, 576 Rousing Ore, 288 Draconium Ore to get 128 Chromatic Dust, 57 Viper Shards, and one resonant crystal. This seems like it’s definitely going to be a more expensive method of doing this.

The only way you could potentially need to do it this way is if the price of Chromatic Dust is high. Even if the price is high it’s probably going to be more viable to make cheap armor to disenchant the dust. Just use this method but at least we know that now anyway that could be done with any of the other crafting professions. Now in order to set this build-up you need 50 knowledge points.


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