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Want to share your engaging content with our active audience? Got a hot topic, tips or unique insights you think will get people talking?

The CPUTemper is your go-to guide for modern-day technology. Solve the tech problems, use tech and gadgets using our troubleshooting tips.

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We are looking for authors, who have expert knowledge in explaining the tech solutions.

Technology Topics: We Cover

Our blog aims to help users who use Windows PC accessories or play computer games and are dealing with errors, working problems, or want to use them better.

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Website Content Guidelines

Are you interested in creating compelling content that users will promote by sharing or back linking! You can create compelling content that other people want to promote it by linking to it or sharing it.

Content is the information and experiences targeted toward an audience.

SEO content writing is always user-focused. So, write to the right people in the right way.

Start Writing Content for Users first and for Google later.

4 Elements of Content

  1. Title (SEO Title)
  2. Excerpt (Meta Description)
  3. Intro (App Description)
  4. Main Content (App Review)

Intentions for our Content

  • Better Search Engine Ranking
  • Huge & Quality Search Traffic
  • Search Algorithm Update Proof
  • User Retention & Engagement

1. Title (SEO Title)

2. Excerpt (Meta Description)

3. Introduction (App Description)

Parts of Introduction

  1. Discus the current issue
  2. Relate it to the user
  3. Provide quick solution

Properties of App Description

  • Keyword rich sentences with correct grammar
  • Beautiful, intuitive, creative, compelling language
  • Clearly explained the positives + and negatives –

4. Main Content (App Review)

Structure of App Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Main Information
  3. Conclusion

Properties of Content

  • Relatable – How it is relevant to your user or not?
  • Honest – What you write is real and trustworthy.
  • Informative – It provides helpful information.
  • Easy to read – It is clear and easy to follow.

Whether you’re writing a review or a general blog post, every piece of content should have a basic structure. With strong writing skills, structure comes naturally.

4.1. Introduction

Introduction can be more than one paragraph. The rules of description also applies here.

NOTE: For app posts, the app description will be used as an introduction.

4.2. Main Information

Talk about all those aforementioned claims; here is where you either sing its praises, rip it to shreds, or just shrug indifferently. You should use a paragraph for each topic.

4.3. Conclusion

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