About CPUtemper

CPUtemper is a niche based site launched in 2018 which aims to cover all aspects of CPU temperature and GPU temperature issues. We focus on creating informative articles information, reviews and guides to help you gain an understanding of overheating problem with PC & Laptop.

CPUtemper is a co-project of Softlay.net which is a technology based site has vast experience in blogging.

Whether it’s android, Laptop or desktop PC we cover everything. We also review software which specifically developed to monitor PC temperature. So that a tech savvy user can easily understand the problem and fixes it.

Simplicity is the best policy is our aim. We explain the solution of temperature effected systems in simple words. It helps beginner to understand the problem.

About Editor

Welcome to the CPUtemper.com a free blog full of tips to counter CPU & GPU temperature issues.

My name is Muhammad Mobeen and I am a full-time professional blogger. I am working as blogger for over 7 years.

My hobby includes reading modern trends in online words. Searching new issues and finding a solution for them. Most of my activities revolves around reading blogs.

So why cputemper if you ask? When you are struck with problem relating to PC temperature whether it’s CPU, GPU, Ram, HDD. You will find it hard to get information on a single sites. The info to fix these problem is scatter all around the sites.

So, i have decided to give solution, guides, and specific product review at single platform which is my site. It will decrease the hardships of users to wonder around web and find everything they need on a single place.

Currently this site is in developing mode but still it gets most traffic from USA and European countries. So,

If you want us to write a product review you can send us email at mateen-101@hotmail.com. Currently we have affiliated program with amazon. We will show our users products which amazon owns and we will earn commission as per the policies of amazon.com.