Once in while everyone thinks of how to increase fan speed of Laptop or PC. If you notice that computer fan are running very loud. It is because you might have running multiple task. This immense work load triggers CPU fan to run at full speed, so that your PC can keep ideal CPU temperature.

The problem starts when computer exudes heat but your CPU fan is not working or working at lower speed. There might be a fault with CPU fan which you need to fix. But here are few simple methods through which you can increase fan speed on laptop.

Before that did you ever wondered how PC fan speed changes? There are sensors placed in computer which have the responsibility to controls PC fan speed. When these sensors detect heat building up in the system they turn on PC fans. These sensors can also control fan speed, increase fan speed and decrease it just to maintain a normal PC temperature.

If you are facing laptop overheating, it is mainly because CPU fans remain slow or turned off due to a fault. When computer overheats for too long it can also cause serious damage to your computer hardware. That where you need a reliable fan speed controller software.

If you prefer laptop, then don’t worry there are also laptop fan control windows 10 tools for you. These windows 10 fan control software are free to download and easy to use.

Furthermore, these fan control software windows 10 doesn’t have malware attached with them at the time of installation.

Now coming to the main point which is that most of the time it’s faulty computer fans that become reason why your PC or laptop overheats so fast? That’s the point where you need to know about how to increase the fan speed on laptop? Or change fan speed windows 10 PC.

If you ignore this situation then problem can get even more serious. Where PC fan sensors are off they do not increase fan speed that’s where cautions starts.

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Here it is explained how to increase fan speed on laptop windows 10 and what is a best solution to control PC fan speed windows 10 or faulty computer fan problem.

The methods which we have explained are very easy. Even a newbie can try them.

Methods To Increase Fan Speed of PC

Methods No 1: Download PC Fan Control Software

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The simplest method for everyone and newbies is to download computer fan speed control software. For windows fan speed control and specially for Windows 10, speedfan is the best solution. While Mac users can download smcFanControl software to monitor mac fan speed.

With these free PC fan speed controller software, you can not only check fan speed in laptop but it also tells at what speed your CPU fans are running. Furthermore, you can also change fan speed manually, according to the need.

Free fan speed monitor keeps you in touch with your computer’s CPU temperature, so it’s a good gadget after all.

The only downside of this fan speed control windows 10 is, it supports only those fans which come with the motherboard (Built-in).

If speedfan not detecting fan then you might have additional PC fans in your system. This fan control software doesn’t control them.

Still, speedfan is a best windows fan speed monitor. But if it doesn’t satisfies you don’t worry we have plan B in this situation.

Method No 2:  Check your BIOS setting

increase fan speedWhere computer fan speed monitor do not prove to be useful. Then you can also change BIOS settings to increase fan speed. In order to do it you need to restart your computer and then press and hold “delete” or “F12” key.

A new setup will start, find a system fan control setting under BIOS menu. This setting will give you two choices either to regulate Voltage or PWM. Change them according to your taste and see if it has eased your problem.

Method No 3: Install External Fan Speed Controller

increase fan speedAs we explained earlier SpeedFan only controls built-in fan, so if you want to control additional PC fans then external fan controller is the best option.

It fits in computer drive bay and has knobs which allow you to manually control fan speed. You can increase speed fan up to 100% or lower.

But this device does not monitor CPU temperature. For that you should download CPU temperature monitor. The reliable and best CPU temp monitors are Core Temp, Rainmeter or Real Temp.

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With these three methods you can control fan speed Windows 10 but if you have any other way to increase laptop fan speed windows 10 than do tell us. We will add it to our list.

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