Best Free CPU Temperature Monitor Software [2020]

If your PC is slowing down or overheating then download reliable software to monitor CPU temperature.

Need a reliable CPU temperature monitor to check PC temp and to keep it within the normal range. Let us help you choose one. Most users get confused when they are looking to download the best CPU temp monitor. So, we have handpicked them for you.

No doubt you can find plenty of programs to monitor CPU temperature on Windows PC. The basic purpose of these programs is to check CPU temperature on Windows.

Choosing the best CPU temp monitor for PC depends on a few factors. Whether this temp monitor provides complete and exact hardware information? Whether PC temp monitoring tool put any strain on CPU? Furthermore, could this computer temperature monitor software help you prevent the computer from overheating?

We have included all the best PC temperature monitor for Windows 10 and Windows 7 in this post.

Best CPU Temperature Monitor For Windows 10 and Windows 7

The programs mentioned here are open source and freeware. You can download the free CPU temperature monitor easily because they do not have malware or error.

You will also feel that each PC monitoring program has its own bells and whistles. So, it will be up to you to decide which CPU monitoring software for Windows you like the most.

  1. HWMonitor
  2. Core Temp
  3. SpeedFan
  4. Real Temp
  5. Open hardware monitor
  6. Rainmeter
  7. Speccy
  8. CPU- Z

Let’s take a closer look at the best CPU temp monitor. This list includes 8 reliable best PC temperature monitors for all Windows versions.

1. HWMonitor


Starting with the CPUID HWMonitor which is the most popular CPU temperature monitoring tool even in 2020. CPUID has already developed some well-known best CPU temp monitor like CPU-Z and PC Wizard. So, you can download HWMonitor without any worry because it’s a trustworthy open-source software. CPUID HWMonitor 1.42 is the latest version that you can find right now. It’s a malware-free PC temp monitor software. (Read the detailed review on HWMonitor)

We are a big fan of this computer temperature monitor that’s why we placed it on No.1 in our best CPU temp monitor software’s list. Once you download HWMonitor you won’t need to ask that old rusty question that how to check CPU temperature on Windows 10.”

If you are keen on getting statics on the system’s main health, then HWMonitor is the best program to monitor and check CPU temperature. HWMonitor reads the system’s main health sensors and gives you accurate readings of the system’s temperature, voltages, fans’ speed, etc.

HWMonitor lists all results in a single window, divided into three categories. These categories display CPU temperature and voltages of the motherboard, processor, and GPU temperature.

You can also check current, minimum, and maximum CPU temperature with this free PC monitor. Which will help you ascertain the normal PC temperature and to keep it under the ideal range.

Among the other CPU temperature monitors, HWMonitor is a reliable free software. It is also available in HWMonitor portable and HWMonitor pro version.

CPUID HWMonitor can monitor CPU temperature in Windows 10 with backward support for Windows XP, Vista, and 7. It’s small in size and a quick app that doesn’t put a strain on your PC. The only shortcoming with HWMonitor is that it does not control fans speed or includes warning alarms.

2. Core Temp

Download CoreTemp 1.16

The second most popular program to monitor CPU temperature is ALCPU Core Temp. It’s a compact, yet powerful from the publisher of ALCPU. The Core temp 1.16 is the latest version available right now. This free CPU temperature monitor software is the best choice for beginners who want a simple PC temperature monitor. (Read the detailed review on Core Temp)

As its name suggests ALCPU Core Temp provides individual readings of each CPU core. Free Core temp gadget provides a few but an important reading of CPU health. The plus point worth heightening here is that its results are accurate.

Core Temp uses Digital Thermal Sensors (DTS) which are supported by all latest x86 processors and provides your readings in an instant with more accuracy. Core Temp for Windows 10 & 7 is also available. You can download ALCPU’s Core Temp for windows 10 with backward support for Windows Vista and XP.

This PC monitor has an advanced overheating protection tool. To prevent a computer from overheating core temp can put the PC to sleep shut it down. It’s a system tray software that adds up in your taskbar upon minimizing. It also works smoothly on 32-bit & 64-bit Windows versions.

Core temp is easy to use, because of its small and simple interface. It does not put a strain on the CPU or RAM. Core temp does not cause Windows to hang, crash, or pop up error messages.

3. Speed Fan

Download Speedfan 4.52

ALmico Speed Fan is another famous program among other best CPU temperature monitor to check PC temperature. Speedfan helps you to monitor CPU temperature, voltage, and to control the fan speed of the PC.

SpeedFan is the best CPU temperature monitor program to control PC fan speed. Using this program you can easily maintain ideal PC fan speed.

SpeedFan is a free window gadget that is older than window XP. But when it comes to monitoring CPU temperature on Windows 10 or 7 it’s very reliable software.

It a Windows utility hence lacks support for mac OS. To manually control PC fan speed and get a deeper view of your Mac OS MacBook fan control is the best utility.

You can also set up a warning in case the CPU temperature gets high. This way it will send you an email or pop-up notification to let you know that the computer temperature is not normal.

Download ALmico Speed Fan 4.52, it is one of the best fan speed control software for windows. This free PC temperature monitor software has a simple interface that does not confuse the users.

With this CPU temp monitor, you can increase the PC speed fan up to 100% RPM under extreme circumstances. SpeedFan also uses digital temperature sensors (DTS) placed on processors and provide accurate CPU temperature readings.

This is the best fan speed controller software for Windows. SpeedFan is a reliable CPU temperature monitoring tool. This free tool also works fine on Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP.

4. Real Temp

Download Real temp 3.70 latest version

Real Temp is another free CPU temperature monitor. Specifically developed for Intel single Core, Dual Core, Quad-Core CPU. Kevin Glyn developed the Real Temp CPU temperature monitor. This free window gadget was released on January 15, 2012. Real Temp 3.70 is the latest version that you can download to check CPU temperature. (Read the detailed review on Real Temp)

Using digital thermal sensors placed on each core RealTemp shows accurate information about the system’s main health. This CPU temperature monitor software tells you the capacity of CPU being used, and the default maximum CPU temperature e.g. TJMax.

Unlike, other free CPU temperature monitoring tools the RealTemp is a portable utility. You can also set up an alarm that will notify you when the CPU temperature gets high. It will ask you to take proper action.

Real Temp Support Windows 10/7/Vista/XP/2000, works fine on 32-bit & 64-bit version.

5. Open Hardware Monitor

Download open hardware monitor 0.9.5 latest version

The best all in one CPU temperature monitor is an open hardware monitor. It was released on November 6, 2016. This advance CPU temperature monitor is so cool that it can provide an accurate result of fans’ speed, voltages, CPU load, Clock speed, CPU/GPU temperature simultaneously.

You can download open hardware monitor for Windows 10/ 7 that is an open-source and freeware CPU temperature monitor utility. It shows all the relevant information in one go. You can also use this temp monitor to check the GPU temperature on Windows.

Open hardware monitor help you easily explore PC hardware. It can display live CPU temperature and speed of internal components.

This PC monitor is system tray software which is very easy to use. This tool is also available in a portable version. It starts automatically on Windows when you turn on your PC. So you can always have the information before you.

The free Open Hardware Monitor program support 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows. With an open hardware monitor, you can check CPU temperature Windows 10, 7, 8 Vista, XP, and all x86 based Linux operating systems.

6. Rainmeter

Download Rainmeter 4.2 latest version

Unlike other CPU temperature monitor, the rainmeter is different because it’s the main function is not just monitor CPU temperature. Released on November 6, 2017, rainmeter 4.1 has revolutionized the field of monitoring gadgets.

It lets you display all kinds of information on your computer whether its date, calendar, weather, CPU temperature or RAM usage, hard disk usage and many more. Rainmeter is one of its kind which provides a lot of details.

Another thing that makes this CPU temperature monitor amazing is rainmeter skins. There are bulk of rainmeter themes and skins which you can download from the internet. The most common skins are DevianArt and honeycomb. Rainmeter comes with two themes e.g. enigma and gnometer.

You should download the rainmeter skin from the internet, each skin adds more features to this PC monitor. Rainmeter is a free window CPU temperature monitor, works great on Windows XP/Vista/7/8.

7. Speccy

Download Speccy 1.32.740 latest version

Like all system information tools, speccy lists all information regarding your CPU temp, RAM, network, motherboard, graphics card, audio devices. Piriform speccy is a free CPU temperature monitor with a simple design.

You can download Piriform Speccy in its portable version as well. Speccy is a free windows CPU temperature monitor. It gives a detailed overview of hardware and software PC components. With speccy, you can check PC specs or motherboard in your PC. (Read Speccy overview)

Speccy is quick to download and install. Display results in summary. It is the reliable computer temperature monitoring tool which you can find on the internet.

Piriform’s Speccy is a free tool that works with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

8. CPU-Z

Download CPU-Z 1.94 latest version

CPUID’s CPU-Z  is a free windows gadget, which displays CPU voltage, CPU temps, memory frequency, and bus frequencies. CPU-Z is a free CPU temperature monitor regularly updates itself just to support the majority of processors available on the market.

Released on December 01, 2017, CPU-Z 1.82 is the latest version which is an open-source freeware utility. This PC temperature monitor is easy to install, doesn’t take much space and fixes bugs and registry errors.

Download CPUID CPU-Z app and monitor CPU temperature on Windows 10, Windows 7, Vista and XP. It is small in size also available in CPU-Z portable version. CPU-Z also works great on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

Did you like our list of best CPU temperature monitor. Tells us via posting a comment below. If you have any other PC temperature monitor then do tell us. We will add that temp monitor in our next list of best CPU temp monitor.