Piriform Speccy is a free system information utility for Windows. It gives you a detailed information about your computer specs. If you know not more than the name of processor, RAM or hard disk of your computer.Then download Speccy and know all and sundry detail about your system for free. It’s the best system monitor for Windows PC. Its also free PC benchmark software supports 64 & 32- bit Windows version.

Speccy Free Download


Speccy Overview

Priform developers has already delivered best freeware software in the past. CCleaner, Defraggler and Recuva are their 3 most famous PC apps. The same company has also developed this PC monitor. So it’s another up vote for this free system utility app.

You can easily download speccy piriform from their site and it takes little time to complete setup. Run installation setup and launch it, you will see that it automatically scans whole computer and displays the information in an adeptly organized interface.

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Although this cputemp monitor put a bit of stress on PC during hardware scanning process. But it gathers complete information from every corner of computer. You can check PC computer specs on windows 10/7 easily.

If you want computer hardware details, you will probably open the computer case and read it directly. This CPU temp monitoring software includes so many features that you don’t need to open your computer case.

It shows various categories live in the left column of screen. When you click an area of interest, it displays the relevant information in the main content area.

Like other system information tools, it lists all information about your CPU, RAM, network, motherboard, graphics card, audio devices, operating system, peripherals, optical drives, and hard drives in one go.

You can save a snapshot of this information for later reference. If someone asks what is speccy? It’s a CPU heat monitor which is used to check CPU temp on Windows 10 & 7. It also displays system specs like; RAM configuration, voltages, fan speed and many more.

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It has the most accessible and visually stunning interface then any other hardware monitoring software. This free system monitor provides system’s details in a summary.

It shows critical information about every single hardware on your machine. It also shows current and max CPU temperature range of processor and graphic cards.

You can save collected information using this PC temp monitor, load or exported to multiple formats such as (XML or TXT doc). Besides speccy online help support is also available to users to sort out their problems.

Currently this PC specs checker is available in three versions. Namely speccy setup, portable speccy & speccy professional which works fine on Windows 10/8/7/Vista and XP.

Portable Download Free

Professional Download Free

There’s much to like about this free utility. It’s quick to download and install. Shows in depth detail information of each hardware component.

Have summary page, with feature to publish results to the web. You can save or print results in multiple formats. Text can be copied out of this gadget. And then again you can also download speccy portable program.

On the negative side, the piriform’s monitoring tool only check computer temperature and voltage. In case of, PC overheating, high PC temperature or voltage fluctuations, this CPU monitoring software lacks alarm/ notification feature. It also lacks the ability to create a report of particular sections.

Free Speccy windows 10 monitor can tell number of CPU cores, name, package, code name. Total RAM, type, size channels and current memory usage. Manufacturer of motherboard’s, model, chipset number, voltage and battery.

Current computer temperature of GPU, clock speed and noise level. Hard drive storage, manufacturer and SMART details.

Is Speccy Safe Download For Windows 10?

Someone might say that this PC temp monitor is a bad software but it’s is what you will use if you had no idea what is in your computer and you need to show someone else so they could help diagnose a problem. So for Windows 10 it’s perfectly safe and secure to download.

Bottom Line

Piriform’s CPU temperature monitor is clearly an interesting and versatile tool that doesn’t take up much space on the disk or desktop.

It does exactly what it says and provides plenty of options to find out something about your PC info. Piriform didn’t made Speccy for mac that’s bad but as a computer diagnostic software its reading are accurate.

You shouldn’t have to be a tech savvy to use this Windows temp monitor. To understand the information a little bit advanced knowledge is required. It’s a reliable PC driver. It’s safe doesn’t involve malware or hangs or crash PC.


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GPU temp monitor


PC overheat protection


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  • Display accurate detail of hardware
  • Reliable and accurate details
  • Check CPU temperature
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly interface


  • Sometimes causes high CPU utilization
  • Does not generate report of every PC activity

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