7 Best Free Hardware Monitoring Software To Monitor System Hardware On Windows 10

If your PC hardware is facing stability issues, then try these best free system hardware monitor and get access on your rig’s temperatures, hardware, and clock speeds.

It has become more crucial to monitor system hardware on Windows 10 PC and laptops because the potential failure of hardware is increasing every day.

To be on top of your hardware you need to download the best free hardware monitoring tools. These system hardware monitor software communicate with various hardware components using the sensors and present data in easy to understand format.

If you want to check what causes the hardware failure or recently bought new hardware and want to test its performance. Look no further, we have compiled the list of best hardware monitoring software for windows 10 to actively monitor system hardware.

How Windows Hardware Monitoring Software Works?

A Hardware Monitoring tool analyzes the periodic information collected from the core components and then displays it in real-time graphs.

These system and performance monitor software enables users to identify and solve potential performance issues. These monitoring tools detect data from physical hardware i.e. CPU, GPU, HDD, RAM, and Fans. Then use it to measure or display accurate readings of CPU temperature, GPU temperature, Fan Speed, Voltage, CPU Usage, Network Monitoring, and Memory Utilization.

With these tools installed in your system, you can prevent your computer from Overheating. Additionally, you can also use it to check CPU temperature, control fan speed.

Best Tools To Monitor System Hardware on Windows 10

All of these are resource monitors are free, reliable, and support Windows 10 and 7. These tools will help you monitor system hardware instantly.

Performance Monitor – Windows 10 Performance Monitor Widget

Download Performance Monitor 4.1.3 latest verseion

Free | Windows

The Performance Monitor for Windows 10 is a graphical desktop widget that places four system monitoring graphs on a desktop. You can see the CPU, RAM, HDD, and network usage performance in a graph. This PC performance monitoring software is lightweight, consumes less space on the hard drive. It’s the best monitor to check RAM usage on Windows 10.

This tool provides information in multiple colored graphs, making it easier for users to know which PC component is getting more warmed up. Download this activity monitor for Windows that supports Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, and all previous versions both 32 & 64-bit.

You can also download the Performance monitor portable version which is free. It is the best tool to monitor system hardware and its performance.

Features include

  • System tray software
  • Graph Generator
  • Monitor CPU, RAM, disk, and network usage
  • Real-time readings, monitor system hardware

Open Hardware Monitor – Best Resource Monitor For Windows 10

Download open hardware monitor 0.9.5 latest version

Free | Windows

Open Hardware Monitor is another open-source Windows hardware monitoring software that monitors CPU load, temperature, fan speed, voltage, and clock speed. This tool uses the list format to display the system performance of these elements.

Download the latest version of the Open Hardware monitor that supports Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, and all previous versions both 32 & 64-BIT OS. You can also download this hardware monitoring tool in Linux for free.

As an open-source product, Open Hardware Monitor is cost-free and easy to install. You can download the program as a file or source code.

Features include

  • Can check CPU meter usage in windows 10, temperature, network activity.
  • Monitors server statuses
  • Live reporting
  • Free to use
  • Small in size
  • Personalize window by adding more widget

3. HWiNFO64 – Reliable PC’s System Monitoring Software

Download HWiNFO64 6.33 latest version

Free | Windows

Now get system information windows 10 with HWiNFO 64. It’s a freeware tool. It can monitor CPU temps of all cores. If your computer has a multiple-core processor it can read all cores. HWiNFO monitors system hardware such as graphics card, BIOS, RAM, system cache, drives, and many more. It shows a system summary on a single screen. Among other CPU temp monitors, HWiNFO also allows you to check computer specs on Windows PC. The HWiNFO is available in HWiNFO64 and HWiNFO32 both versions support Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. It’s free of error windows friendly PC monitoring tool.

Features include

  • Reliable system diagnose tool
  • Both HWINFO 32 & 64 are available in a portable version
  • Can copy or save data in CSV, XML, HTML, XHTML format
  • System tray software
  • Uses low CPU and RAM
  • Benchmark tool

4. PC Wizard

Download PC Wizard latest version

Free | Windows

PC Wizard is the best CPU monitor windows 10 and benchmark tool for system’s hardware, PC Wizard can detect not only hardware but other system information as well. As informative gadget-free PC Wizard is easy to use, it does not put extra strain on the hardware. Once PC Wizard is launched it takes some time to detect all the hardware installed on the PC.

PC wizard 2015 displays CPU and GPU temperature along with other details regarding the mainboard, processor, video, I/O ports, drives, printers, devices, multimedia, network, power status, voltage, temperature, fans, power supply monitoring. PC Wizard 2015 can be installed on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Features include

  • Benchmark tool can test Windows to obtain an overall performance.
  • Can export report any to an XML or HTML file
  • System tray software, monitor system hardware
  • Complete system analyzer.
  • It can compare PC performance with well-known models.
  • Passwords recovery support

5. CPUID HWMonitor


Free | Windows

HWMonitor is the best PC monitoring tool for Windows PC. It keeps track of vital computer statistics so that you can prevent computer overheating. This CPU monitoring software can display accurate readings regarding temperatures, voltages, and the fan speed of the PC. In other words, HWMonitor gives full control over the PC’s power stats and monitor system hardware accurately. The best thing about this computer temperature monitor Windows 10 is that it gives an instant overview of the PC’s vital power and heat stats. This system hardware monitor is very light, free to download, and error-free. As GPU monitors windows 10, HWMonitor is also the best tool, because it shows GPU temperature range.

Once installed CPUID HWMonitor displays all data in one clear chart in three main categories. It uses ITE IT87 and SMART sensors which all modern computers have on their motherboard and provides system information. Its Pro version is made for professionals which provides some extra features like superior logging capabilities and graphing. But its basic version is also good for all average PC users. HWMonitor 1.34 can be installed on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP.

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Features include

  • Monitor CPU temps, voltage, power consumption, and utilization.
  • Mainboard voltages, temperatures, fans speed.
  • GPU voltage, temperature, utilization.
  • HDD temperature.
  • Available for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit version.

6. Sisoft Sandra

Download Sisoft Sandra 30.77 latest version

Free | Windows

SiSoftware Sandra is a reliable resource monitor windows 10. It’s an advanced system hardware monitor windows 10. It carries out many functions on PC such as benchmarking, analyzing, and listing the hardware or software components. This system hardware analyzer has a simple interface with colorful icons for it’s each tool. The Free lite version of Sisoft Sandra provides more features like wireless networking benchmarks,13 hardware, and 14 software information modules.

This Windows 10 resource monitor doesn’t hang or crash PC nor does it puts a strain on computer memory. Sandra Pro version is also available in the 32 & 64-bit windows version. SiSoftware Sandra, it is lite and pro version supports all Windows operating systems like Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP.

Features include

  • CPU temperature, core voltage, minimum and maximum voltage, cache details.
  • Hardware data, processors, memory, graphics, storage adapters.
  • Software application shows file type, fonts, media devices, operating system, memory usage.
  • System diagnosing and benchmarking tool.
  • Monitor system hardware
  • Information in four categories such as tools, benchmarks, hardware, and software.

7. Core Temp

Download CoreTemp 1.16

Free | Windows

As its name suggests core temp gadget is a PC temperature monitor that provides readings on voltage and temp of individual cores of processors. It also shows a load of each core so that you can see how CPU temp changes with load. As a CPU temp monitor core temp is one of the best software which is free, easy to use, and mainly built for beginners. In case computer hardware shows the sign of overheating then download ALCPU Core Temp. It provides live real temp which is accurate.

Core temp uses TJ Max value to determine CPU temperature telling you what is the good CPU temp which you should have. Its interface is very simple only shows relevant information. A reliable free, small size tool which does not cause Windows to hang, crash, or pop up error messages. Core temp supports Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows Vista (64 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8, Windows 10.

Features include

  • Support Intel and AMD processors.
  •  CPU temperature monitor, Checks maximum/ minimum, and normal CPU temperature.
  • Collects information through digital thermal sensors.
  • Many add-ons are available for Core Temp to add more features.
  • Have an alert system can shut down the procedure in case PC overheats.
  • Monitor system hardware

These are the best tools to monitor system hardware on Windows PC. Some of these programs can’t control PC fan speed yet they display accurate reading about thermal status. So, if you want to know what is the best fan control software then click on that link.

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