Are you wondering why the game is crashing your PC? Is it your faulty video card or Is it Computer fan that faulty? To find out these answers and to check normal CPU temperature CPUID HWMonitor is of great help. This Windows hardware monitor can collect vital PC information and lets you check the system’s hardware performance. All modern motherboards have (SMART) sensors placed on them this CPU monitor utilizes them and displays accurate info.

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With a couple of clicks, you can download CPUID HWMonitor. Once the installation setup completes, run this CPU heat monitor. You will notice that it keeps track of the computer’s vital statistics. You can check the computer CPU temperature on Windows instantly. This PC temperature monitor provides a real-time reading of the CPU temperature, GPU temperature, voltage, motherboard temperature. You can also check the operational status of the system’s mainboard and subsystems, such as video cards, fans, and batteries. If you regularly monitor that information, it helps you to avoid computer overheating problems or failure of any other PC hardware.

HWMonitor CPUID begins with scanning the internal hardware of the PC and collects all information about the system. Once the scan is complete this free PC monitoring tool CPUID HWMonitor displays gathered information in a single clear format.

You can easily check the credibility of this CPU temperature monitor. Try to run this CPU temp monitoring program side by side with a benchmark software or with a suspected game. If your video card overheats or CPU temperature gets very hot. You will quickly notice that the CPU temp will rise until a predictably crash repeats.

This computer temperature monitor provides detailed information on power usage. This feature allows users to determine which particular PC component is overheating the system.

The CPUID hardware monitor reads the system’s main health sensors. HWMonitor controls sensor chips like ITE IT87 series, Winbond ICs, and others. It can also read modern CPU’s on-die core thermal sensors. As a GPU temperature monitor keeps an eye on your graphics card temperature.

CPUID HWMonitor download is available in two versions, HWMonitor portable & HWMonitor Pro. You can also download HWMonitor full setup version. It’s the best CPU temperature monitor Windows 10/7/8/Vista/XP/2000. Free CPUID HWMonitor download also supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions.


This free laptop temperature monitor program presents all information in one clear chart. It has a straightforward presentable interface. You can check the maximum and minimum CPU temperature of any PC and prevent CPU overheating.

Another plus point of this PC temperature monitoring program is its real-time update. It means this monitoring gadget can update its data quickly. So users don’t have to wait to refresh the feeds or switch over the program to check PC temperature.

This computer monitoring software is free, very handy, supports all Windows operating systems. The free CPUID HWMonitor is easy to install involves no restriction, errors, problems, or malware.


Unfortunately, CPUID HWMonitor has no alert option in case PC overheating. It only displays the max CPU temps. Once PC temperature exceeds the max limit it cannot shut down the system so to prevent it from danger. When the user is working on a task or playing game he has to keep an eye on things himself. This program also doesn’t monitor the external hard disk drive. As a task manager, HW Monitor doesn’t show CPU and RAM use. It can only provide data on CPU temp, voltage, and fan speed. It’s not fan speed controller software either.

This PC temperature monitor doesn’t have the option to monitor manually one core or fan out of many. Neither you can pick and choose which fan or core must be monitored or not. When a minimized HW Monitor does not add in the system tray. Users have to open this program each time to check readings

HWMonitor Shows Both Core Temp and CPU Temp

As compare to Intel, AMD processors display two temperatures values, e.g. “Core Temperature” and “CPU Temperature”. But HW Monitor has the ability to correctly display both temperatures.

If you want to know what these core temp/CPU temps are? We can say CPU temp is an actual computer temperature which is more accurate at low temp but less at high. Usually, BIOS shows CPU temperature which differs from other programs like core temp.

On the other hand, Core temp is an arbitrary scale measure temperature in degrees and in Celsius. Which is more accurate when the CPU gets hot.

HWMonitor Pro 64 bit

CPUID HW Monitor Pro is an extended version of the classical hardware monitor program. As compared to the classic version, the HWMonitor Pro has extra features. These are remote monitoring, graphics generator, improved interface, and fan control options. But you have to buy the HW Monitor pro key to use it.

It is also available in a portable version which needs no installation, just click on it to run a program. HWMonitor portable version can go on a USB drive in an extremely compact size and can run on any PC.

Is there an HWMonitor program for Mac?

CPUID has made HW Monitor for windows only so this monitor program cannot be used in mac. But hopefully HWSensors beta is a reliable alternative to monitor mac CPU temperature which provides all information using hardware sensors. HWSensors software bundle includes drivers and applications that allow users to access information from hardware sensors available on Mac.

Is there HWMonitor For Linux?

As already mentioned it is a Windows-only program. It does not support Linux. For Linux, lm-Sensors is a free, open-source application. It provides drivers to monitor temperature, voltage, and fans in the Linux operating system.


HW Monitor does deliver its promised features with easy to understand readouts. Download free HW Monitor without any restrictions. It is the best program to monitor system hardware. It can compete with CPU Z in performance. CPUID HW Monitor is a rock-solid program which worth trying, can easily diagnose the system problem.



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GPU temp monitor


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  • Easy to use
  • Straightforward interface
  • Accurate readings
  • Easily check your system's health
  • check fan speed


  • No alert option
  • Does not monitor specific PC component
  • Sometimes motherboard voltage readings are wrong
  • Does not monitor external HDD
  • Doesn't monitor Ram and CPU usage

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