Download Real Temp For Intel CPU [Review]

Monitor Intel CPU temperature, run sensor benchmarks, enable system tray notifications using this small-sized and portable tool. The best Intel CPU temp monitor to check real temperature.

Real temp is a free CPU temperature monitor for Windows 10 & 7 to check the real temperature of your processor. Typically it’s an Intel CPU temperature monitor, those who have Intel single Core, Dual Core, Quad-Core, or Core i7 processors must download real temp in Windows 10. You can check maximum and normal CPU temperature readings along with the thermal status log. No installation is required after RealTemp downloads onto your PC. It’s a free portable software utility.

Check Real temp on Windows 10

Real Temp – Best Intel Temperature Monitor

Recently high computer temperature is becoming the major cause that damages your sensitive hardware components. Primarily it’s the CPU temperature that quickly heats up due to voltage fluctuations and CPU load. But if you have an Intel device in your PC then you should download the Intel CPU temperature monitor.

If you are dealing with the CPU heat problem and you want to protect your system from overheating or want to check CPU temperature. Download Real temp in Windows 10 & 7 as it’s the best CPU monitor that can answer all of your needs.

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This Intel CPU temperature monitor is a freeware program that presents active information about CPU temperature and GPU temperature.

No Doubt, Real Temp portable is a compact software utility designed for power PC users, with the sole purpose that is to monitoring CPU temperature. Its features include benchmark and sensor tests along with other handy customization settings.

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Real Temp is system tray software after you download, it adds a constantly updated icon in the notification area of the taskbar.

Real Temp Thermal Status Log

RealTemp thermal status log is another amazing feature. This log means that the CPU is overheating and has created a log file for you to look at. With the CPU getting to that point, it is thermally throttling the CPU speed to lower levels.

Displays Current PC Temperature with details

When you run this CPU heat monitor it displays current and maximum CPU temperature and many other types of information. You can easily check the real temperature of the CPU with RealTemp.

Realtemp displays the processor model, CPU frequency, and CPU load on top of the screen. In middle, it displays TJ max. It’s a safe CPU temperature that you must also maintain.

As experts say good CPU temperature is around 45 degrees Celsius and to attain that temperature the TJ max distance must be around 40 to 50 degrees Celsius. At the bottom real temp shows thermal status.

Portable Temp Monitoring Utility

No installation is required, right after you download real temp, extract the file run the program, and see your computer temperature range.

You can also save this CPU tester on a USB flash disk and run it on any other PC. Plus, it does not create new entries in the Windows registry or Starts menu.

Its Clear-cut interface does not confuse users, even a newbie can easily check CPU temperature with live readings using this CPU monitoring software.

It’s very simple to navigate. It also shows the time of recording CPU temperature. Among other features of this CPU thermometer is it run sensor benchmarks and customize rich settings.

You can easily perform sensor tests to find out the average CPU load along with the average CPU temperature. The sensor test also gives the difference from the maximum CPU temp, time, speed, and score.

As far as customization settings are concerned, you can calibrate the maximum temperature, enable system tray icons for monitoring the CPU cores and maximum temp, enable alarms, log all activity to file, and more. Settings may be restored to default.


To sum it up I can say that RealTemp is the best free CPU temp monitor. It has minimal impact on system resources and great response time.

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It shows an accurate CPU temp range and worked well in all tests. Realtemp download support Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, 2000 / XP / Vista.

This real temp CPU doesn’t cause OS to hang, crash or pop up error messages. Real temp advanced options and a versatile range of customization settings enable this utility to meet the requirements of most users who are looking for a straightforward CPU temperature monitoring tool to monitor processor temperature.

Too bad it does not equip with automated tasks in case of overheating, such as PC shutdown.

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