Core Temp Free Download For Windows 11/10 (2024 Latest)

Monitor CPU temperature with auto enable automatic shut down feature to prevent overheating.

Core Temp is a compact, no-fuss, small footprint, yet powerful program to monitor processor temperature and other vital information. What makes Core Temp Windows 11 unique is the way it works.

It is capable of displaying the temperature of each individual core of every processor in your system. You can see temperature fluctuations in real time with varying workloads. Core Temp monitor is also motherboard agnostic.

This PC heat monitor can shut down the system automatically if the computer temperature gets too hot. Free Core temp Windows 10 download is an easy means to keep an eye on CPU temp and prevent overheating.

Download CoreTemp 1.16 in Windows 10
  • Latest Version: 1.18
  • Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
  • File Size: 1.22 MB
  • Updated: Dec 04, 2022
  • Developer: Alcpu

Core Temp Overview

After you download Core temp, its installation procedure is very simple. However, this free CPU temp monitor is ad-supported. So when you open the Core temp installation setup, it downloads third-party components as well.

But if you pay a little attention you can exclude these options while installing Core temp on Windows 10.

At first glance, the Core Temp interface is not very attractive rather its design is very simple. But as a system monitoring tool, it is a solid free Windows gadget.

The window of this CPU temp monitor is very small but it’s filled with very important information. Core temp displays exact information about CPU core temperature, CPU model, frequency, and system voltage.

CoreTemp System Tray Feature

On the bottom side of the core temp window, you can check the CPU temperature of your computer. This Windows temperature monitor also displays minimum, maximum, and current CPU temperature along with CPU load.

This temp monitor uses the TJ Max value to show CPU temp. This value can help the users to understand what should be the normal CPU temperature range for better PC performance.

As a system tray software, this temp monitor creates an icon in the taskbar notification area of each CPU core temperature. Initially, this CPU temperature monitor displays readings color-coded to make it easy for users to determine which core is generating more heat.

As already explained this core temperature monitor has an option to automatically shut down the system. This feature prevents computer overheating.

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Just click on “Options” then on “Overheat Protection”. A window will appear where you can enable this option.

Here you can determine CPU temperature and this temp program will inform you to take quick action.

In case the computer temperature goes high this PC temperature monitor gives multiple options, either put the system to sleep, hibernate, or shut down.

Core Temp Download Latest Version on Windows 11 and 10

With all benefits explained about this CPU temp program, you can monitor CPU temp on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista, 8.

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How To Use Core Temp on Windows 11 PC?

This a very straightforward program. Just run it and it will display the temperature of your processor’s Die temperature.

Here’s how to use it. When you launch it the main window will appear, along with a system tray icon:

  • Hover the mouse over the icon to enumerate all cores and show their temperature.
  • Double-Left click will either show or hide the main window.
  • Minimizing the main window will minimize it to the system tray.
  • Single-Right click will bring up the “File” menu.

Important Settings To Adjust After Installing Core Temp

There are also settings that you can adjust:

  • Set the interval between each temperature read (10 – 9999ms).
  • Set the interval between each write to the log file (Equal to the read interval and up to 99999ms).
  • Toggle the logging On/Off.
  • Prevent the “CPU is overheating!” message from appearing in case of overheating.
  • Show temperature in Fahrenheit – self-explanatory.
  • Start minimized – when checked will start Core Temp with the main window hidden.
  • Show Delta to Tj.Max. – Will display the output of the DTS value on Intel CPUs.
  • Start Core Temp with Windows – Check the checkbox to make Core Temp start together with Windows.

What processors does Core Temp support?

The Core Temp-supported AMD Processors are:

  • All FX series.
  • All APU series.
  • All Phenom / Phenom II series.
  • All Athlon II series.
  • All Turion II series.
  • All Athlon64 series.
  • All Athlon64 X2 series.
  • All Athlon64 FX series.
  • All Turion64 series.
  • All Turion64 X2 series.
  • All Sempron series. (K8 and up based)
  • All Opteron processors.
  • Single Core Opterons starting with SH-C0 revision and up. (K8 based)

Core Temp Supported Intel Processors

  • All Core i3, i5, i7 series.
  • All Atom processors.
  • All Core Solo series.
  • All Core Duo series.
  • All Core 2 Duo series.
  • All Core 2 Quad series.
  • All Core 2 Extreme series.
  • All Celeron-M 400 and 500 series.
  • All Celeron series.
  • All Pentium series.
  • All Xeon (Core-based) processors.