List of All Age of Wonders 4 Console Commands & Cheat in 2024

100% working cheat and console commands.

Are you looking for working Age of Wonders 4 console commands to unlock structures and items? The Age of Wonders 4 Cheat Codes do really make the game much earlier making you invincible.

In this fantasy world, you constantly need to have the upper hand as your foe will use a variety of tactics to defeat you. With the console commands and cheat you can get unlimited gold, imperium, and research tools.

In this article, we have listed down all the available working console commands in Age of Wonders 3.

How to Enable Console Commands in Age of Wonders 4

Start the game and from the main menu of Age of Wonders 4, open the Miscellaneous menu. Here you will see the option Run in Debug Mode Select to enable it.

Now that the console command is enabled you can use all cheats in Age of Wonders 4. Before that press the following key combinations:

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+C
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+C

A command box will appear where you can enter any AoW4 console command to activate cheat effects.

All Age of Wonders 4 Console Commands & Cheat Codes

Note: All console commands and cheats in Age of Wonders 4 are not case-sensitive. You can input it with all letters Caps-locked or in lowercase.

Console CommandEffect
boschGains 100,000 Gold to your Resource pool
oldenbarneveltGains 100,000 Imperium to your Resource pool
rembrandtGains 100,000 Gold and Mana to your Resource pool
questmasterActivates Quests
tasmanAll areas of the map are explored, but Fog of War remains
unexploreAll areas of the map no longer explored
barentzUnveils the whole map, removing Fog of War. This also reveals terrain conditions and enemy locations
cruijffActivates free or unlimited movement points for Units
dokterwieTurn Counter increased by 1 point
voorheesGives infinite Skill Points
instantskillsActivates instant Research time
leeuwenhoekCurrently Researched items are instantly finished
ikbedoelallesAll Spells are instantly learned
optimalprimeSpell Casting becomes instant
masterskillsAll Research are instantly learned
erasmusAll Research upgrades and Spells are instantly learned
philipsProduction becomes instant
martinHero Cap becomes 999
ruyterSpawnsΒ a Hero
allheroesAll off-map Heroes are added to the Recruitment pool
genheroGenerate a random off-map Hero
gencryptheroGenerate a random Hero in the Crypt
genprisonheroGenerate a random Hero in the Prison
hauerAll Heroes and Units in the selected army will be leveled up
ruijterAdds one of every Hero item available
medicHeals the selected army
iamgodWill always auto-win in combats
demonenGives -20 points to your Alignment
engelenGives +20 points to your Alignment
freepop+1 population to the selectedΒ City
gloomycity+1,000 Happiness to selected City
coehoornInstantly breaches the walls of the selected Besieged City
makeallyInstantly Allies with selected City’s Empire
makecoopInstantly joins Pact of Cooperation with selected City
makeloyalInstantly joins Pact of Loyalty with selected City
improverelationRaise Allegiance level with the selected Free City
makeintegratedInstantly integrates selected Free City
makevassalInstantly turn selected City into a Vassal
makeangryGives -100 Relations with selected City’s Empire, lasts 20 Turns
makehappyGives +100 Relations with selected City’s Empire, lasts 20 Turns
makewarStarts a war with the selected City’s Empire
makeneutralEnds a war with the selected City’s Empire
warlordWage war with allΒ Factions
rallytheliegesStarts Rally of the Lieges
eendrachtBuild the Beacons of Unity counter increases (Expansion Victory)
eenheidOccupy Provinces objective cleared (Expansion Victory)
verdoemenisBuild the Affinity Province Improvements counter increases (Magic Victory)
spaargarenEmpire Development unlocked
huygensEmpire Development unlocked with one level in each Affinity
heinInstant victory
victory1Instant victory
victory2Instant victory
victory3Instant victory
victory4Instant victory
willemInstant defeat
defeat1Instant defeat
defeat2Instant defeat
defeat3Instant defeat
defeat4Instant defeat
defeat5Instant defeat
demoActivates masterskills, philips, and rembrandt
flyingdutchmanActivates cruijff, barentz, and rembrandt
thxbrianActivates erasmus, barentz, and rembrandt

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