All Fortnite Seasons In Order – Start and End Dates

How many Fortnite seasons are there?

Fortnite has undergone significant transformations since its initial release, with its gameplay divided into chapters, each marked by a new season. These seasons, occurring more frequently than one might expect, serve as a testing ground for players, introducing and later removing elements to keep the game dynamic and engaging. The game’s storyline progresses through all Fortnite seasons, with each chapter contributing to the overarching narrative and bringing fresh content. This constant cycle of change not only redefines the game mechanics but also maintains a sense of novelty, ensuring players are consistently immersed in a dynamic gaming experience.

As players navigate through the seasons, understanding the order becomes essential to grasp the evolving storyline and adapt to the game’s dynamic nature. Questions like “What season is it in Fortnite?” or “What season is Fortnite on?” highlight the player’s need to stay current in this ever-changing landscape. The ongoing appeal lies in the challenge posed by every Fortnite season, prompting exploration and adaptation to the myriad changes introduced with each chapter.

Fortnite All Seasons in Order (Timeline) – A Journey Through Chapters and Seasons

From its humble beginnings in Season 1, Fortnite has evolved into a global phenomenon, encompassing various experiences and attracting millions of players worldwide. This timeline charts the game’s remarkable journey, highlighting major milestones and season durations:

SeasonStart DateEnd DateLengthSeason No.
OneDec 14, 2017Oct 25, 201750 days1
TwoFeb 22, 2018Dec 13, 201770 days2
ThreeMay 1, 2018Feb 21, 201858 days3
FourJuly 12, 2018April 20, 201873 days4
FiveJuly 12 2018July 12, 201878 days5
SixDec 6, 2018Sept 27, 201871 days6
SevenSept 27, 2018Dec 6, 201884 days7
EightMay 9, 2019Feb 28, 201970 days8
NineFeb 28, 2019May 9, 201984 days9
Season XOct 13, 2019Aug 1, 201973 days10
Chapter 2 Season OneAug 1, 2019Oct 15, 2019128 days11
Chapter 2 Season TwoJune 17, 2020Feb 20, 2020119 days12
Chapter 2 Season ThreeAug 27, 2020June 17, 202071 days13
Chapter 2 Season FourFeb 20, 2020Aug 27, 202095 days14
Chapter 2 Season FiveMar 15, 2021Dec 1, 2020103 days15
Chapter 2 Season SixDec 4, 2021Mar 16, 202185 days16
Chapter 2 Season SevenSept 12, 2021Sept 13, 202197 days17
Chapter 2 Season EightJune 8, 2021Dec 2, 202083 days18
Chapter 3 Season 1June 8, 2021Dec 5, 2021105 days19
Chapter 3 Season 2June 3, 2022Mar 19, 202176 days20
Chapter 3 Season 3Sept 17, 2022Mar 20, 2022105 days21
Chapter 3 Season 4Dec 3, 2022June 4, 202276 days22
Chapter 4 Season 1Sept 18, 2022Dec 3, 202297 days23
Chapter 4 Season 2June 8, 2023March 10, 202390 days24
Chapter 4 Season 3March 10, 2023June 8, 202376 days25
Chapter 4 Season 4August 25, 2023November 3rd71 Days26
Fortnite OG (Chapter 5 Season 5December 2, 2023March 8, 202429 Days27
Chapter 5 Season 1November 3, 2023August 25, 202399 Days28

What Season is Fortnite on?

Fortnite is currently in Chapter 5, and this latest chapter has expanded the game significantly. In Battle Royale, players are experiencing a brand-new map, weapon modifications, and a complete overhaul of character movement. The game’s overall feel has undergone a significant transformation, with all players now enjoying fresh animations for various movements and embracing the addition of new features.

However, the changes extend beyond Battle Royale. Fortnite is introducing three new games, broadening its scope beyond the traditional Battle Royale format. These additions include a Lego mode, reminiscent of Minecraft, a rhythm game titled Fortnite Festival, and a racing mode named Rocket Racing. This diversification highlights that Fortnite is no longer solely a Battle Royale game; instead, it is evolving into a multifaceted gaming platform with the promise of continued growth.

What are Fortnite Seasons?

Fortnite seasons are like different chapters in the game’s story. Each time a new season starts, lots of things change, such as the map, and weapons, and there are even new events and a special Battle Pass.

Since Fortnite is a game that keeps getting updated, seasons are a way to bring in a bunch of new stuff all at once. The very first season of Fortnite, called Season 1, was where it all began.

Now, each Fortnite season follows a specific theme with a story to explore. Recent seasons even have names that tell you what the theme is about, like ‘Primal’ in Chapter 2 Season 6.

The idea is to make each season feel like a fresh experience for players, and when the change happens between seasons, it becomes a big deal that gets everyone talking about Fortnite.

How Long A Fortnite Season Is?

The length of a Fortnite season can vary. In Chapter 1, the average was around 72 days, while in Chapter 2, it has been longer, with an average of about 97 days. These averages were influenced significantly by the lengthy Chapter 2 Season 1 and Season 2.

Chapter 3 had an average season length of 90.5 days, and Chapter 4 had an average of 83.5 days. However, there was an OG mini-season that might not count as a numbered season. It’s debatable whether this mini-season should be included since it was more of an event between two seasons rather than a full-fledged installment.

The first season of the new Chapter 5 is set to run for 99 days, concluding on March 8, 2024. This makes it one of the landmark seasons in terms of length.

Looking back, the shortest Fortnite season so far was the OG season, lasting just 29 days. On the other hand, the longest Fortnite season was Chapter 2 Season 1, stretching for a lengthy 128 days. Chapter 3 Season 1 also had an extended duration. Although Chapter 5 Season 1 is longer than the average, it doesn’t seem like anything will surpass the never-ending Chapter 2 Season 1 in terms of duration.

When Does The New Fortnite Season Start?

The new Fortnite season is scheduled to begin on March 8, 2024. It’s important to note that these dates can change, and seasons might extend if the new content isn’t ready on time. Keep an eye out for updates on the upcoming Fortnite season release date.

When Does The Fortnite Season Ends?

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 is set to conclude on March 8th, 2024. However, this date is provisional, and seasons may be extended if new content isn’t prepared on schedule or faces delays.

How Long Has Fortnite Been Out?

As for how long Fortnite has been around, the initial release date was July 21, 2017. The Battle Royale aspect of the game was added later in the year, entering early access on September 26, 2017. Even within the Battle Royale mode, there was a pre-season stage before the structured Fortnite Season format officially took shape.

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