Comet v3 Roblox Exploit Executor Download To Run Unlimited Scripts on Windows & Mobile

Get The Best Roblox Script Executor For Windows PC.

Comet executor is a leading Roblox exploit script executor only available for PC users. With its powerful Lua script execution system, you can seamlessly run any cheat script while playing Roblox games.

Currently, the Comet 3 is the latest version that has one of the best Custom DLLs in the Free Exploit market today. Allowing you to execute almost any hack script with ease. So download Comet 3 on PC for free. Comet is clean of malware & virus.

  • Developer: Wearedevs
  • Version: 3.0
  • License: Free
  • File Size: 5.34 MB
  • Updated: May 17, 2023
  • Requirements: Windows 11/10

Note: Before you download Comet executor make sure you turn off Windows Security, Antivirus software, and Browser’s safe security feature.

We have tested the Comet 3 executor on Windows 11 PC using the Roblox Microsft store version. It runs perfectly fine. While downloading your browser, antivirus software, or Windows security may raise a False Alarm but rest assured it’s a completely safe Roblox script execution tool.

Like other gaming tools, Roblox scripts such as JJSploit, Fluxus, Krnl, or Comet 3 won’t install easily. You need to follow some steps to install it. Then you need to get Comet Key to activate its features. Once you are through these stages you will find Comet executor’s interface clean and easy to navigate. Simply load or use an in-app exploit script and Inject > Play.

Can You Get Banned From Using Comet Script Exploits?

Roblox does not enforce bans or any punishments. The only way you can get banned on a certain Roblox game is if you are using a detected executor or using a very obvious script feature. An easy solution to make sure you’re safe is by using an alternate account to test the script, and then make sure you’re using a SAFE executor.

Comet Executor Features

  • Ultra Powerful Custom DLL
  • Game Hub with over 60+ Scripts
  • Local Profile shows your true personality
  • 16.5 million Color RGB Accent Design
  • Monaco Textbox Truly Lua Scripting
  • Comet Voice use Comet with your Voice
  • AutoLaunch to hide your HWID

How To Download & Install Comet Executor on Windows PC?

Comet uses a custom DLL that causes Windows security features to raise False Alarm. you need to follow these steps to download Comet.

Step 1: Disable Antivirus/Firewall

In most cases, you won’t be able to download Comet 3 in Chrome or Windows 11 & 10 PC. For that, you need to disable Windows Security, so follow these steps:

  • Press the Windows logo key and type Windows Security.
  • Click Virus & Threat Protection
  • Under the Virus & Threat protection settings choose Manage Settings
  • Turn the slider Off under Real-time protection.

In some browsers like Google Chrome, there is a “Safe Browsing” setting that blocks certain downloads. You need to temporarily disable it as well.

  • Click on three vertical dots to open Chrome Settings.
  • Click on Privacy & Security > Security.
  • Select the No Protection (not recommended) option.

Step 2: Download Comet 3

Now you can download Comet Executor on your Windows PC. Now go to the folder where the .exe file is located and double-click to run the installation process.

Step 3: Install Comet

When you run this script executor you will be welcomed with the below-mentioned screen. Click on Next button.

Comet 3 Starting on Windows 11

Step 4: Read and Accept Terms

At this step you need to accept EULA terms, otherwise, you won’t be able to use Comet. You can also read the terms well we skipped them.

Comet 3 Accept The Terms

Step 5: Join or Skip Comet Discord Server

You will be asked to join the discord or skip it. In case you join discord servers you will get notifications, support, and a key generator. I Skipped this step and straight landed on the installation window.

choose Comet Executor to Join Discord

Step 6: Install Comet & Make a Profile

The installation process will start and after that, you need to set up your profile. Once you are through with this step comet will ask you to get Key as a final step.

Install Comet 2 Roblox Executor
Choose You Settings in Comet 3 Executor

Step 7: Get Comet Key

Comet key system requires you to either buy a premium key or get a free key that lasts 24 hours. To get a free key you will be taken to which is a safe site. Here you need to perform tasks, mostly it revolves around downloading an app.

Get Comet 3 Keys To Activate it

Once you land on scroll down and click on Free Access. You will be asked to perform tasks. In my case, it was downloading Opera GX, as soon as you perform these steps a new window will pop up with the Comet executor Key.

Copy it and paste it inside the Comet Key section and click the Approve Key button.

Paste Comet 3 Keys

How To Use Comet 3 Executor in Roblox?

Like other Roblox script executors, Comet is somehow quite easy to use. Once the key is approved, you will be welcomed with the Comet interface as shown below.

Comet 3 Executor Download Interface

To use script first run any Roblox game. My favorite game is Blox Fruit.

  • Now click on the right side of the interface to use built-in scripts or get them from online resources.
  • Paste the script under the Script 1 tab and click on Inject button. You will see a prompt “Inject Successfully.”
Comet 3 Script Injected Pop Up
  • After that click on the Play button that is appearing beside Inject icon. You will see Script’s GUI (as shown below pic) where you can change settings or keys to use hack tricks.
Comet 3 running Aimbot Roblox Script

As you can see I am using Fly Scrip & Infinite Jump. So ENJOY hacking Roblox.

How To Uninstall Comet Executor?

It may look like Comet is installed on your PC but it doesn’t really install like other apps. It doesn’t create shortcuts on the desktop or startup menu.

You won’t find it in the control panel as well. That’s why if you want to uninstall Comet simply delete its file and concerned folder.

FAQs – Comet 3 Executor

Q. What causes injection to fail the Comet?

Ans. Running large, voluminous, and out-of-date Comet scripts may result in injection failure. To fix this, pause the game for a couple of minutes, then rejoin. If it doesn’t work, give it a couple more tries and use the most recent version.

Q. Is it unlawful and safe to use Comet?

Ans. Comet was developed by one of the most dependable companies, WeAreDevs. Any anti-virus software or Windows Defender interprets it as malware or a virus because of its nature, which is script-like. Make sure your computer’s antivirus program is disabled.

Q. Why is the Comet file not opening?

Ans. While downloading the Comet file, you can see the problem. Because Microsoft Defender and antivirus software are turned on in your machine, this occurs.

Q. If I use the Comet script, would Roblox ban my account?

Ans. Exploiting is never safe, and using unsuitable ways is even worse. If people catch you cheating, they could call you a cheater. Your account will either be permanently banned from Roblox or temporarily suspended for two to three days.

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