All Corrupted Kingdoms Cheats & Console Commands in April 2024

Are you looking for Corrupted Kingdoms cheats & console commands to get unlimited cash, gems, or potions? Fighting the mythical creatures is hard. When you use your powers frequently it will deplete. You can buy the potions using cash or gms.

However, using the Corrupted Kingdoms cheats you can get infinite money to buy weapons and potions. Here we have explained all the available cheats that are working as of now.

How To Cheat in Corrupted Kingdoms?

Once you reach Act 2 you can unlock cheats & console commands in Corrupted Kingdoms.

To unlock the act you can use the laptop that is in your room, and from there use cheats

Corrupted Kingdoms Cheats & Console Commands

mainly there are three main resources i.e. money, gems, and potions that you need to progress in the game. You can enter the quantity showing how much of each resource you want.

These are the maximum you can get using the cheats;

  • Infinite Money = bag_cash = 9999
  • Infinite Money = bag_gems = 9999
  • Max Potions = bag_potions = 9999

You can enter the cheat code “bag_cash = 99999” multiple times, giving you unlimited money in the game. This means you can have as much money as you want, even though it may be challenging to spend it all. The same goes for the cheats that give you infinite gems and potions.

All Corrupted Kingdoms Cheat

These cheats may stop working in future updates, since they are already somewhat old, but use them while you can, the logic is the same as for the money cheat, edit the amounts to your liking

  • Physical stat = stats_physical = X
  • Charisma stat = stats_charisma = X
  • Magical Stat = stats_magical = X
  • Martial Stat = stats_martial = X
  • Insight Stat = stats_insight = X
  • First Name $ mc = “Itachi” (replace the name with your first name)
  • Last Name $ mcln = “Uchiha” (replace the name with your last name)
  • Show Character Card = character_cards = 1
  • Complete Luba tunnels: luna_tunnels_complete = 1

Can I Use a Cheat Table in Corrupted Kingdoms?

There are online sites that offer cheat table that runs with cheat engine. You can use them at your own risk. Sometimes these Corrupted Kingdoms cheat tables contain a virus that can effect your PC.

Can I Access the Console with the Android?

No, you cannot, you need to Install a fan mod to let it work.