Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to complete A Bit OF a Fixer Upper Quest

In Disney Dreamlight Valley you have to do a lot of quests. You can say that this is mostly about the quest line. In which you have to perform multiple tasks. Every NPC has its questline that you have to complete. For the next questline, you first have to complete the quests of the previous NPC. In the game progress, you will have to complete the A Bit OF a Fixer Upper Quest.

In this guide, we will discuss how to complete the Bit OF a Fixer Upper Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

This quest will be given to you by Woody where he will talk about his project and ask you to help him fix the Carousel.

Meet Kristoff:

He will ask you to meet with Kristoff. Go meet with Kristoff you will find him by his icon on the map. After meeting him he will ask you to gather these materials. The materials include Softwood and hardwood which you can get nearby the trees. Then you need fabric for that you need to grow the cotton and you can craft the Fabric at your crafting table.

Go to the crafting table and craft the fabric and iron ingots as well you can get the iron from the glade of trust. After gathering all the materials you will able to craft the Carousel Repair kit in the functional items.

carousel repair kit

 Craft the kit and talk to woody and give the Carousel kit to him. Then follow him to the carousel and talk to him at the carousel which will repair the carousel. Now you need to meet with Wall-E who will be available in his truck.

How to find Fuse and Electrical Components:

Wall-E will ask you to find the Replacement Fuse and Electrical Components. Go to the Wall-E Realms and find the components. After reaching the realm dug into a shining place to get the components. After that craft the Glass and Iron Ingot at the crafting machine. After that, you have all the materials to craft the fuse box. Craft the fuse box and talk to woody.

Wall-E Realm

Give the fuse box to woody. Then talk to the woody again he will talk about something that happens in the carousel.

Gather the Items from Carousel:

Now go inside the carousel and talk to woody and gather everything inside the carousel. You have to collect Claw Machine Pieces, Alien Toy, and The Claw.  After gathering all the items talk to wood and give him all the items. This will complete the quest.

gathering items from Carousel

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