Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete Wanted Aliens Quest

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a simulator game where you have multiple things to do like crafting fishing cooking and many more. You will also have to do quests that will be given by the NPCs in which you have to gather items and materials. Also, do some mini-tasks to complete the quest. You have to complete them in order to progress in the game. During this, you also have to do Wanted Alien Quest.

In this guide, we will discuss how to complete the Wanted Alien Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Claw Machine:

After talking to Woody he will ask you to find the material for the claw machine. First, you need to gather the materials to build a new claw machine. You need Hardwood (10), Iron Ingots (2), and Glass (12). You can get the Hardwood from Forest of Valor. You can mine iron Ingots by gathering the iron ore and coal ore. Also, you can mine Glass by combining Sand and Coal ore. After getting all the materials now you need to do is craft the claw machine. After crafting the claw machine go talk to woody inside the carousel. Give him the claw machine and he will ask you to meet the buzz.

How to find All Alien Toys:

After meeting with the buzz he will ask you to find the alien toys around the region. Because he is on some sort of rescue mission. You need to find four Alien Toys to complete the task.

1st Alien Toy location (Dazzle Beach):

You will be able to find this toy on Dazzle Beach Sand where you will see this toy near the woody. Dug in the sand to get the toy.

dazzle beach

2nd Alien Toy location (Trade of Trust):

The next toy you will be to find in the ground near the Giant Willow which is located in Trade of trust. Go there by teleport and you will find this toy near the water. Dug up and get the toy.

Trade of trust

3rd Alien Toy location (Sunlit Plateau):

 You will be able to find this toy in Scar’s Cave near the stone which is located in Sunlit Plateau. Go there and get the toy.

Sunlit Plateau

4th Alien Toy Location (Frosted Heights):

You will be able to find this toy near the waterfall in Frosted Heights. You will see this toy frozen so you need to use the pickaxe to free the toy and get the toy.

Frosted Heights

After getting all the toys go back and talk to woody and give him all the toys and this will complete the quest.

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