Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to get Festive Wrapping Paper

As Christmas is near Disney Dreamlight Valley has introduced many new quests and tasks. The game also introduces new recipes, new structures, and materials that you need to craft and you will receive the gifts after the completion.

In this guide, we will discuss how to get Festive Wrapping Paper in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

If you go to the Collections and then into the Furniture tab you will see there are some new items that the game has introduced. These are some of the items that you will see.

  • Delicious Gift
  • Naughty Gift
  • Handcrafted Gift
  • Shiny Gift

You need to gather materials to craft these gifts but the one thing you will notice is that the most common item in all of these gifts is the Wrapping Paper. By handing out these gifts you will unlock the small questline. Which will give you some gifts after the completion of the quest. The gift can be in the form of Christmas Clothes and items.

Naughty gift

How to Find Festive Wrapping Paper:

A Festive Roll of Paper that is used to wrap gifts. There are certain ways to get the wrapping paper. Either you have to wait for the Christmas to arrive or you have to do time skipping. The skipping which I won’t recommend you to do it because according to the developers game creates some quest bugs and can also harm you’re game save files. I have done this for multiple times but nothing happens. But if you want to do this, Do it at your own risk.

Β You will be able to find the Wrapping Papers around the Scrooge’s Shop. Skip some days for example if you are on December 14 you need to skip to December 17 or 18 December. Come to Scrooge Shop and look for the Wrapping Papers. And if you don’t find any papers skip to more days and if you still don’t find any papers skip to December 25.

You will find the Wrapping Papers definitely this time. Remember one thing don’t skip to the same days that you have skipped already you will not find any paper. You will see many wrapping papers will spawn there one after another. Collect the paper and craft the gifts. Β Β 

Festuve Wrapping

How to open quests:

You need to craft the naughty gift which will require Festive Wrapping Paper and Coal ore. After that give the gift to Kristoff. After giving him the quest you will see the new quest in the village tab.

Opening quests

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