Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story/Post?

Instagram didn't introduce a feature that lets you know when someone took a screenshot of your profile.

Do you like someone’s Instagram story or post and you want to screenshot it? Are you afraid that they might know that you have screenshotted their story? 

People post a wide range of aesthetics on their stories or posts from nature and diet to personal routines and pictures, and also share their opinions and artistic side. Instagram being a picture app attracts many people and they tend to save those captivating pictures for inspiration and to share.

However, you might feel awkward if you screenshot someone’s post and story especially if it is a private account as privacy is a matter of discussion. Here’s all you want to know about Instagram’s notification policy regarding screenshots.

How to Know If Someone Screenshots Your Instagram Story?

Here is what you need to know.

Can you see if someone screenshotted your Instagram story?

No, Instagram doesn’t notify you if someone screenshots your story or if you screenshot someone’s story whether it is a private or public account. 

Can you see if someone screenshotted your Instagram post?

No, Instagram doesn’t notify you if someone takes a screenshot of your Instagram post. You can also take a screenshot of an Instagram post of any private or public account without their knowledge. 

Can you see if someone screenshotted your Instagram DM?

No, you can’t see if someone has taken the ss of Instagram DM or not unless you are in vanish mode. 

Instagram has a different policy for the vanish mode. If you are chatting on Instagram DM in vanish mode or sending a disappearing DM then you will be notified if someone takes a screenshot. Equally, if you take a screenshot in a vanish mode or a disappearing text or photo then the other person will be notified by Instagram. 

Can you see if someone screenshotted your Instagram DM on vanish mode?

Yes, you will be notified if someone takes a screen of DM on vanish mode. Similarly, another person can see if you have screenshotted the Ig DM on vanish mode.  Instagram also sends a popup notification along with the username if someone takes a screenshot of a chat in a vanish mode. 

Instagram screenshot notification

Can you see if someone screenshots your disappearing message or image?

If you send someone a disappearing text or photo that can only be “viewed once” or viewed a few times and “Allow reply” then you will be notified if the other person takes a screenshot. A small starburst icon will appear beside the photo. And if you swipe the screen to the left you will see a “screenshot” written beside the disappearing message. 

Screenshot instagram disappearing message

Instagram may also send a pop-up notification with the username mentioned in it if someone takes a screenshot of a disappearing message. 

How to Capture Instagram Disappearing Messages Without Being Detected?

You can screenshot the stories and posts easily using the screenshot keys of your mobile phone. However, as we know Instagram detects and notifies screenshots involving disappearing media files so you might need to try these techniques to take screenshots of disappearing messages without notifying another person. 

  • Borrow someone else’s phone, tablet, or camera and take a photo of the message.
  • Switch to Airplane mode right before you take the screenshot as this makes you offline and stops Instagram from detecting that your device has taken a screenshot of someone’s disappearing message.
  • Log in to Instagram on a computer and screenshot the DM. Instagram can’t detect screenshots made by computers so it doesn’t send a notification. 

How to Protect Your Stories from Screenshots by Strangers?

The only way to protect your personal stories and posts from screenshots by strangers as their privacy is an important thing in a cyber world, is to make your account private so that only people in your following, whom you trust and feel safe with can view or screenshot your stories and post. You can also hide the story from some people or share a story only with close friends.