Starfield Titanium Farm Locations – How To Farm Best Planets)

In the exciting world of Starfield, Titanium is a special and somewhat hard-to-find material. It’s not impossible to come across, but it does take some effort to gather. Unlike Iron, which is pretty much everywhere on most planets, Titanium can only be found on a select few.

This shiny stuff is super important for crafting and building structures in outposts, making it a must-have resource in the game. Starfield Titanium Farm or extraction can be done with any of the three methods. Some of them are time-consuming whereas others are more useful as they provide a constant Titanium in Starfield.

In this guide, we have explained what are the best planets to farm Titanium in Starfields. What are the best methods and what upgrade you are required to locate Titanium?

Upgrade Scanning Skill in Starfield

To start, it’s a good idea to level up your Scanning skill, which you can find in the Science Skill Tree section of the game. Once you reach rank 2, your scanning abilities will improve, allowing you to detect rare inorganic resources like Titanium when scanning planets.

Keep an eye on the resources section as you explore the galaxy. If a planet has Titanium deposits, you’ll see “Ti” listed in the description below the planet’s info.

How To Farm Titanium In Starfield

When looking to obtain Titanium in Starfield, you should explore one of these three methods:

  1. Farming Titanium-Rich Planets
  2. Extracting Titanium
  3. Purchasing Titanium from Vendors

1. Farming Titanium-Rich Planets

Titanium is rare material in Starfield and not many planets harbor this rare resource. To identify the resources present on a planet, initiate a scan and examine the bottom left corner, where you’ll find a list of available materials represented by their chemical symbols. In the case of Titanium, it’s represented by “Ti.”

Best Titanium Farm Locations To Find on Planets

If you’re on the hunt for Titanium in Starfield, here are some prime locations to consider:

  1. Pluto (Sol System): Pluto, located in our very own Sol System, is one of the first places you should check out for Titanium. It’s an early farming spot where you can gather this valuable resource.
  2. Titan (Jupiter’s Moon): Another promising spot is Titan, a moon orbiting Jupiter. You can explore this moon to find even more Titanium.
  3. Vega II-b (Vega System): Head over to the Vega System, where the gas giant Vega II boasts a moon named Vega II-b that’s rich in Titanium resources.
  4. Eridani VII-c (Eridani System): For those seeking uncharted territory with abundant Titanium resources, the Eridani system is your go-to. Explore the moon Eridani VII-c, which orbits the gas giant Eridani VII, to discover Titanium.
  5. Bara V-a (Bara System): In the Bara system, you can find Titanium on the moon Bara V-a, which orbits the planet Bara V. It’s another fantastic location to gather this valuable resource.

2. Extracting Titanium

Here are the steps for players in Starfield to set up an Outpost and use an Extractor to collect Titanium:

  1. Prepare for Power: Before setting up the Extractor, ensure you have a source of power, such as a Solar Array, Wind Turbine, or Fueled Generator, as the Extractor needs power to work.
  2. Extractor Operation: Place the Extractor at your Outpost. This device will periodically gather Titanium for you.
  3. Storage Solution: The Extractor can become full, stopping Titanium collection. To prevent this, construct a storage unit and link it to the Extractor. This way, any excess materials will be stored safely.
  4. Unlock Planetary Habitation Skill: Be aware that all the planets mentioned have extreme weather conditions, so building an Outpost is only possible after you unlock the Planetary Habitation Skill.
  5. Choose a Titanium Spot: To decide where to place the Extractor, open your scanner and look for areas with different colored spots on the ground. These colored spots indicate the presence of Titanium underground.

3. Buy Titanium From Merchants

In case, you don’t want to spend your time locating and extracting Titanium in Starfield then here is an easy solution. There are certain vendors in three locations that you can interact with to buy Titanium.

Three notable locations with shops offering Titanium include Cydonia, New Atlantis, and Akila City. Additionally, while exploring the galaxy, keep your eyes peeled for trading ships that might carry Titanium for sale.