Hello Neighbor 2: How to escape from the Cell in Museum on Night 4

In Hello Neighbor 2 players will solve the puzzles most of the time. This means you have to find items to solve the puzzles which are situated in different locations. You are doing this to reveal the secrets of the neighbor and explore. Where you also have to stay undetected so you don’t get caught by the man keeper of the house. You will also need to escape during the game progress.

In this guide, we will discuss how to escape from the cell in Museum Night 4.

How to get Imprisonment Trophy

So this all begins when you move towards the Museum after solving all the puzzles and tasks of the villa. After entering the Museum you need to complete all the puzzles and you will reach a stage where you will see a cell on the upper portion of the Museum. Get the key of the cell from the right side and open the cell. You will also receive the Imprisonment Achievement. After opening the cell you interact with a child inside the cell.

imprisonment trophy

While interacting with the child you get caught by the Housekeeper and he will lock you up in the cell.

How to solve Museum Puzzle

After getting caught you need to escape the cell. First, get the switch handle from the left side hidden in between the object. Now you need to unlock the prison which you can do by solving the lock code. First, you need to find the scissor to cut the web covering the lock. Take the scissor from the table within the lamp. Use the scissor to remove the web.

Now the tricky part is that the locker front is on the front of the cell and the side you will see is upside down. You need to align the code in a pattern so it can unlock the prison.  

lock code

You can see the front side by going to the right side of the cell. You have to find the code which you will find in the cell. Go and see the Clock, Bed, and the board on the floor to know the number. Each number will also tell you the color. From inside the cell just align the number in a pattern (31869) from the left side. This will open the cell.

Get outside and remove the web from the switch to the right side and use the handle to open the door. Go inside and open the small door attach to the floor and get outside.

floor door

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